Planning the Best Holy Week Vacation: Top Picks and Safety Insights

Explore Prestone’s top picks for destinations and gain valuable safety insights to ensure a memorable and worry-free holiday

As Holy Week approaches, Filipinos eagerly anticipate memorable road trips with their families and friends. This period of relaxation and reflection is best enjoyed in a peaceful and stress-free manner, making the preparation of your vehicle essential before embarking on your journey.

If you’re still in the process of planning your well-deserved holy week vacation, Prestone®, a renowned and trusted brand in Auto Care fluids since 1927, has curated a list of unique destinations, accompanied by practical car care tips to ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for you and your loved ones.

Spend a night with nature through glamping in Zambales

Glamping, a combination of the words ‘glam’ and ‘camping,’ is the latest trend among those who want to experience a glamorous version of camping—perfect for those in need of a break from the bustling chaos of the city.

One of the famous sites you can visit is located in San Felipe, Zambales, called The Glamp. The glamping site features boho-themed tents, making it a top choice for those who appreciate the stylish aesthetic for their pictures. The site is also near the beach, which is a plus if you’re looking for more recreational activities aside from relaxing underneath the beautiful summer sky.

Seek solitude on an island in Pangasinan

If you seek solitude and tranquility on a secluded islet, then the beach at the heart of Pangasinan is perfect for you. Colibra Island in Dasol, Pangasinan, boasts clear white sands and rock formations that surround the island, providing a perfect view for relaxation.

The advantage of this island is it’s not well known among typical tourists, ensuring a lack of crowds even during peak seasons. Moreover, the place becomes even more enchanting at night, making it perfect for stargazing and appreciating the vastness of the open sky.

Experience a healing hike in the mountains of Sierra Madre

If you’re seeking a unique and rewarding adventure, consider testing your strength and patience on a mountain hike. Fortunately, a beginner-friendly trail is accessible in the highlands of Tanay called Mt. Kulis. This mountain offers a scenic view at a height of 620 MASL and is well-known among outdoor enthusiasts.

One advantage of Mt. Kulis is that you can customize your hiking experience, and there’s a cemented road leading to the jump-off point for easy parking. Once you start, the trail is easy, and you can also explore various attractions along the way, providing opportunities for aesthetic pictures.

Prepare yourself and your ride for the best holy week adventure

Why ruin the joy of vacations with stress over an unpleasant car ride? That is why Prestone urges everyone to perform a thorough check before embarking on your next adventure.

Given that these listed destinations involve substantial driving, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive research on your route, considering traffic hotspots and rest stops. Additionally, ensure your RFID sticker is in working order for seamless and secure transactions during toll payments, promising a more convenient travel experience. Don’t forget to securely stick your RFID sticker to avoid non-detection and register it under the vehicle owner’s name for accountability.

Check the necessary fluids of your car

Road trips can take a toll on your vehicle, so careful preparation is key to avoiding trouble. Prevent overheating on the road by using Prestone Car-Specific Coolant for superior protection. This convenient, high-quality, prediluted coolant is ideal for emergency refills and is equipped with Prestone Cor-Guard Anti-Corrosion technology, offering 5X more effective corrosion protection.

For added safety, equip your ride with a powerful brake fluid like Prestone Brake Fluid DOT 3. Formulated for safe, dependable, and consistent performance in the hydraulic brake system, it helps protect your brakes against overheating, brake fade, and performance decline.

Use high-quality and genuine car care products

During a holy week road trip, ensuring your vehicle is in its tip-top condition is crucial, and this won’t happen if you use subpar or counterfeit car products.

“If you aim to protect your car and withstand unforeseen accidents or costly repairs, Prestone emphasizes the importance of using genuine products designed specifically to meet your vehicle’s needs,” said Monique Gonzalez, Marketing Manager for Clorox Southeast Asia.

Here are the 3Ps you should note for your protection:

  • Packaging: Detecting counterfeit products can be tricky as they often mimic the appearance of the genuine item at first glance. Here is a quick guide on fake vs genuine that you can refer to:
  • Price: Significantly cheaper products are likely fake compared to genuine Prestone products. If they are marketed as discounts, please double-check if Prestone is having a promotional sale. If not, it’s probably fake.
  • Place: Purchase only from official Prestone partner stores like Blade, Ace, Handyman, TrueValue and auto-supply shops nationwide.

These reminders not only save potential costs but also save lives. Para sa totoong proteksyon, use genuine Prestone products only.

The best Holy Week vacation begins with meticulous planning and maintaining your car in optimal condition. By considering these Holy Week destinations, along with these safety tips, you will not only guarantee a delightful journey but also elevate your driving experience.

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