JETOUR Dashing Experience – Celebrating Style and Substance

JETOUR Auto Philippines, the exclusive distributor of JETOUR vehicles, parts, and services in the country, has just concluded the JETOUR Dashing Experience. The immersive test drive activity is dedicated to JETOUR Dealer Partners, allowing them to experience the latest model in the JETOUR lineup first-hand while living the JETOUR Travel Plus philosophy.

The extensive test drive activity saw participating JETOUR Auto dealerships tour the roads of Tanay Rizal, driving JETOUR Dashing compact crossovers. Senior executives from JETOUR Auto Alabang, JETOUR Auto Cubao, JETOUR Auto Edsa Centris, JETOUR Auto Fairview, JETOUR Auto Isabela, and JETOUR Auto Las Piñas, took turns driving the Dashing through the 88 kilometers of mixed urban and countryside conditions. 

The JETOUR Dashing Experience also gave participating dealer partners an exclusive insight into the lifestyle of the brand’s clients as they were treated to sumptuous meals throughout the drive. 

“We believe that experiencing our cars through test drives is the best way to teach and impart the key knowledge points about our vehicles,” shares Miguelito Jose, Managing Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines. 

From left to right: Paul Buñag, Digital Marketing Supervisor – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Sheryl Amurao – JETOUR Dashing Owner, Buddy Arancon, General Manager – JETOUR Auto Las Piñas, Hazel Reyes, former Sales Manager – JETOUR Auto Edsa Centris, Buddy Arancon, General Manager – JETOUR Auto Edsa Centris, Miguelito Jose, Managing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Cherry May De Los Santos, Marketing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Caris Ivan Ho, Sales Manager – JETOUR Auto Cubao, Lovely Ho – Wife of Caris Ivan Ho, Jacinto Gan, Dealer Principal – JETOUR Auto Cubao, Sam Garcia, Sales Manager – JETOUR Auto Fairview, Judy Piñon, JETOUR Sales Ambassador – JETOUR Auto Fairview, Jerrica Red, JETOUR Sales Ambassador – JETOUR Auto Fairview, Cameron Arciaga, Marketing Officer – JETOUR Auto Philippines

“More than just learning from classroom training and practical, the JETOUR Dashing Experience gives our dealers real-world information about one of the most compelling compact crossovers in the market today. The JETOUR Dashing is not only a design marvel, but it also represents the height of engineering and innovation that JETOUR’s lineup has introduced to Filipino consumers. Travel Plus Knowledge, Travel Plus Confidence, and Travel Plus Trust. These are the core values we want our dealer partners to feel and experience whenever they present the JETOUR Dashing to their clients,” adds Jose.

JETOUR Auto dealer partners were likewise amazed at the versatility and comfort of the JETOUR Dashing they experienced during the drive. 

“The JETOUR Dashing Experience made us appreciate the unique strengths of our premium crossover,” says Terence Hofer, General Manager of JETOUR Auto Edsa Centris. 

“The Dashing’s light steering, and excellent driving dynamics make it ideal for either short city hops or long drives. With its comfortable ride, we could navigate tight traffic and long stretches relaxed and fresh as we arrived at our destination.”

Buddy Arancon, General Manager of JETOUR Auto Las Piñas, had a driving revelation through the JETOUR Dashing Experience. “It’s one thing to tell a customer what he can already read on the brochure and another to recount our experience with the JETOUR Dashing,” claims Arancon. 

“This test drive experience opened our eyes to more features and capabilities we would never have known without driving the Dashing. We encourage our customers to sit behind the wheel and experience the JETOUR Dashing for themselves to appreciate it.” 

A definite head-turner

The JETOUR Dashing is the newest compact crossover model unveiled by JETOUR Auto Philippines. Its modern, trendy design and luxurious and stylish interiors, punctuated by an eye-catching 12.3-inch infotainment display, make it an attractive choice among many Filipino car buyers today.

Powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 156 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque, the JETOUR Dashing effortlessly drives through city traffic and open highways. 

Bold and elegant while being futuristic and sleek, the JETOUR Dashing makes for a compelling choice among full-featured compact crossovers in the market today. With its comprehensive 10-year Engine Warranty and 6-year General Warranty with Unlimited Mileage, the JETOUR Dashing provides superior peace of mind throughout its ownership experience.

All in with the Dashing

The JETOUR Dashing is now available with a unique Low-Down Payment Scheme this December. Customers who opt for the 20% Down Payment and 60-month term when purchasing a JETOUR Dashing need only to pay Php 58,000 instead of the full Php 274,600 20% value. (All financing applications will be subject to bank approval)

Aside from the fantastic savings and the low Php 28,000 monthly amortization when purchasing a JETOUR Dashing through the Low-Down Payment scheme, customers are entitled to FREE Chattel Mortgage Fee, FREE 1-year Comprehensive Insurance, and FREE 3-Year LTO Registration. 

JETOUR customers are encouraged to contact any of the 16 JETOUR Auto dealerships nationwide for a test drive and to explore more possibilities to own the JETOUR Dashing.

In addition, every JETOUR Auto dealership across the nation is fully equipped with demo units of the JETOUR Dashing, inviting customers to explore and test drive this remarkable vehicle firsthand. This presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to experience the impressive capabilities of the Dashing firsthand.

JETOUR Auto Philippines Inc. is the sole and official distributor of JETOUR vehicles and services in the country. JAPI sells the seven-seater X70 in Journey, Travel, and Sport variants, the seven-seater X70 Plus, the Dashing subcompact crossover, and the Ice Cream Battery Electric Vehicle. For more information, you may contact JETOUR’s 16 authorized dealerships nationwide.