eFrancisco Motors and HDEX Announce Groundbreaking Partnership in The Hydrogen Sector

HDEX and eFrancisco Motor Corporation proudly unveil a transformative alliance that will reshape the hydrogen landscape. This strategic partnership will harmonize with the distinctive business goals of both entities, offering a dynamic framework that allows for growth and innovation.

Expressing enthusiasm about this groundbreaking collaboration, Aron DuttaChairman of HDEX remarked, “This partnership marks a significant leap. We are confident that our combined strengths will propel us towards sustainable growth.” Elmer Francisco, CEO of eFrancisco Motor Corporation said, “We do not see hydrogen as an alternative fuel, rather, it is fuel of the future.”

This partnership transcends traditional collaborations by embodying a mutual commitment between HDEX and eFrancisco Motor Corporation to openly exchange invaluable insights, cutting-edge research, and extensive industry expertise. Through a unified effort in pooling strengths, the shared objective is not only to reshape the paradigm of public transportation but also to set a new standard for environmentally conscious and efficient mobility solutions powered by hydrogen technology.