First-time parents Elisse and Mccoy reveal Pampers Overnight as the solution to their sleepless nights

They also shared some of their parenting struggles and promoted equal parenting with fellow parents Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro

A few days ago, netizens and fans expressed their support to new parents Elisse Joson and Mccoy de Leon after seeing the couple’s cryptic posts on Facebook and Instagram stories, hinting that both had enough already.

After much probing, we found that the real cause was the couple’s lack of good night sleep. While most people can relate to having sleepless nights, first-time parents like Elisse and Mccoy are nodding their heads and saying, “We hear you.”

Parents’ Partner for Uninterrupted Sleep

McLisse, in a Pampers Power Parents Show Facebook Live with Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro on Monday, revealed that they had to wake up in the middle of the night to their daughter, Felize McKenzie, crying because of the discomfort and leaks caused by the previous diaper brand they were using. They recalled that the most difficult time for them was during Felize’s first six months – Elisse would get up in the middle of the night to feed and to change diapers multiple times. To prevent this from happening again, Elisse and Mccoy have taken shifts in changing Felize’s diapers which eventually left the couple tired, frustrated and not having enough sleep.For working parents like Elisse and Mccoy, a restful sleep is important. And when your baby is uncomfortable and does not get enough sleep, that also means that the whole family does not either.

Apparently, this is a common struggle for parents. Most nighttime diaper changes are either done before baby sleeps or around the parents’ sleeping schedule to reduce the need for parent and baby to wake up at night. However, parents still experience instances when they wake up in the middle of the night to check their baby’s diaper. They oftentimes worry of “babad” or the soaking in free liquid on diaper’s topsheet.

But after hearing recommendations from fellow Pampers parents, McLisse decided to try the new Pampers Overnight and saw the difference in their daughter’s sleep: comfortable, uninterrupted, and free of leaks. All thanks to its superior Zero BabadNight Lock that absorbs baby’s pee all night and helps prevent rashes! It has Zero Babad Technology that can absorb up to 1 night’s pee based on average overnight loading and Zero BabadNightLock belt to prevent nighttime leaks.

Call to Equal Parenting to Ease the Load for New Parents

During the same Facebook Live show, the couples discussed how parenting is not easy and how listening and supporting each other is essential. Saab pointed out, “Diaper problems man or other complex challenges, whether emotional, physical, mental – those are valid, and you can also always ask for help… and for us, let’s continue to give them support.”

Mccoy and Elisse said that amidst parenting struggles at home, they are both grateful that they equally share the caregiving duties which helps in lessening their parenting loads and worries. Saab and Jim added that having the support of other family members also helps alleviate stress as well.

The concept of equal parenting rings even more relevancy now with the celebration of the International Women’s day as it emphasizes that caregiving and housework are the responsibility of both parents, and they mentioned how we need to break outdated stereotypes that women are the sole, full-time caregiver in the early stages of a child’s life.

Procter & Gamble on Promoting Equal Parenting

Last year, P&G launched a program called “Share the Care” that gives its employees, regardless of their gender and marital status, 8 weeks of fully paid parental leave and offers all kinds of parents different opportunities to care for and bond with the children new to their family – biological or adopted. This is beyond the standard 7 days that is mandated by the Philippine law for fathers. Meanwhile, mothers continue to receive 105 calendar days of fully paid maternal leave.

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