Cure Your Cabin Fever with Retail Therapy In the Safety of Paseo Outlets’ Wide Open Spaces

If you ever find yourself yearning for a time not so long ago, wondering when you can once again relive the good old days where you could stroll through your favorite shops or catch brunch with the bros and besties, you are not alone. With everyone cooped up at home for so long, reminiscing and restlessness have become a universal experience.

It’s especially difficult for avid shoppers who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the buy. While shopping online may be convenient, there’s nothing quite like strolling through store-lined hallways, keeping an eye out for the most intriguing displays and chancing on the buy of a lifetime.

Fortunately, as we learn to better navigate the new normal, opportunities to experience the outside world once more are becoming more available but this isn’t a green light to galavant through the malls in reckless abandon. It’s important to take your destination into consideration. Are there safety protocols in place to ensure your wellbeing? Does it have a wide enough selection so you won’t have to go to multiple destinations to find what you need? Is there ample space to accommodate proper social distancing? How’s the ventilation? Tedious as they may seem, these are of utmost importance to your general safety. Take these factors into consideration and you’ll find few places that check all the boxes. Thankfully, the Paseo Outlets in Greenfield City is one of them.

A short drive south and away from the hustle and bustle of the Metro, the complex sits nicely against a backdrop of greenery amid a 400 hectare mixed-use development. The entire area enjoys 30% open space filled with rolling verdant fields and lush trees.

All this open space means there’s plenty of sunshine to brighten up your day and give you a healthy dose of some much needed Vitamin D to boost your immune system. Apart from enjoying its warm embrace, sunlight also acts as a natural disinfectant so bask in that beautiful light!

If you’re worried about the heat, don’t. With this much open space, a light breeze is never too far away so you can always depend on a cool caress to keep you comfortable while making sure the air is always clean and fresh. It also provides maximum ventilation to keep unwanted particles away so you can wander without worry. As a word of caution though, while the open air may be lovely, please do not forget to wear your mask and face shield at all times to ensure the safety of all.

With your protective gear in place, you’ll be free to roam the halls of the vast complex. Unlike the tight, congested shopping centers in the metro, The Paseo Outlets at Greenfield City features over 150 establishments scattered throughout open areas so you can shop with the confidence that there’s plenty of personal space to go around and everyone can properly exercise physical distancing.

The Paseo Outlets in Greenfield City features a diverse range of shops that cater to a wide variety of tastes and interests so whether you’re looking for fashion finds, your favorite beauty brands, or high performance gear, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This one-stop shopping destination ensures that you won’t have to hop from place to place, risking exposure.

You’ll find elusive exclusives and bargain deals from premiere international brands that’ll make you feel like you’re strolling through the trendiest shopping arcades abroad.

While it might be tempting to thumb through every smooth leather and sultry silk article within your reach, remember to stay safe and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. You may disinfect frequently in one of the many washrooms scattered throughout the complex. Here, you’ll find alcohol, hand sanitizers, and all the handsoap you’ll need to make sure your 20 seconds of handwashing are as effective as possible.

You can take a break from your shopping extravaganza and make the most of your day out with a scrumptious, freshly cooked meal from your favorite restaurant. Whatever cuisine you crave, there’s sure to be a cafe, bistro, or grill to satisfy your palate at the Paseo Outlets. Here, you can dine-in without worry in alternating seats to ensure physical distancing in frequently sanitized and disinfected surroundings.

You’re up for a great day away in the open spaces of the Paseo Outlets in Greenfield City so don’t miss out! Its doors are open for you from 10am – 8pm so hop on over and give yourself the break you deserve. You’ll find the Paseo Outlets along Tagaytay Balibago Road, Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. See you there!

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