World of Warships: Legends Sails into Spring in its latest update

Temperatures and speeds both pick up with the return of Racing Legends mode, alongside more Tier VIII ships, a classic five-week campaign and enough St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to leave a rainbow trail in this content-packed update.

Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the leading naval battle game World of Warships, are welcoming the brightest season of the year with a packed Spring update to its console edition World of Warships: Legends. This update sees the return of Racing Legends, St. Patrick’s celebrations for the greenest day of the year and five new Tier VIII ships. On top of this, French Tier VIII cruiser Carnot resides at the end of a five-week campaign, the introduction of the first Pan-American ship and a brand-new Legendary Tier Bureau Project all awaits in this vernal Legends update.

Racing Legends: start your engines!

Launching March 20, Racing Legends makes a triumphant return for three week-long seasons. To claim victory in the race against four other players, competitors will have to choose wisely from two ships and special, boosted (but random!) consumables to secure their spot on the leaderboard. But nobody said it would be easy, there will also be torpedoes available to launch at other racers! Players can compete, rank and win to secure limited-time Racing Legends Tokens, which can be exchanged for a number of valuable rewards. These include two new ships — “Bulletproof” destroyer and “Perfect 10” cruiser, three different Commander guises as well as two distinctive ship skins.

Shamrock and roll for St. Patrick’s Day

As luck would have it, Legends has found a wealth of treats at the end of the rainbow. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the game is introducing a special content range, with a Cara McMordoff Commander guise, plenty of unique Pot of Gold Crates packed full with doubloons and St. Paddy camouflages, and perhaps the best of all, Premium cruiser Celtic decked out in a special festive skin.

Welcoming new Tier VIII ships to Legendary waters

Five new ships drop anchor in the harbours of Legends, with two cruisers, two destroyers and a battleship representing US, Japanese, British and Pan-Asian navies. These high-tier behemoths will be at the head of five different tech tree lines and will become researchable from March 6.

Campaign the way to Tier VIII Carnot

This update also introduces “Lazare’s Heritage Campaign”, a classic five-week, 100-milestone campaign where French Tier VIII Carnot, equipped with robust hit points and far-reaching guns, awaits. With the catch-up mechanic in place, dedicated players can add this Premium cruiser to their fleet with Admiralty Backing active, as well as knock out a number of Heroic Effort missions.

Legendary Bureau Project and Pan-American arrival

Wrapping up this update is the addition of German battleship Schlieffen as the latest addition to the Bureau, as well as the first Pan-American ship making a splash in Legends! A brand-new Legendary Tier battleship, Schlieffen boasts the farthest-reaching secondaries of all Legends as well as an ample torpedo load worth putting in the work for. And Pan-American ships embark into the game with the introduction of Tier VII Premium battleship Atlântico, which comes equipped with a Pan-American universal Commander, Pedro Lima Santos.