OPPO now offers a faster and more convenient repair service for its users

The hustle and bustle of the now new normal lies heavily on the performance of our smart devices. May it be for work, studies, or leisure, our gadgets are our companions in our everyday lives that’s why having slight issues with them is normal!

OPPO introduces a more convenient way of keeping your OPPO devices in tip-top shape with the new Send-in Repair Service. This new contactless service allows all OPPO users within NCR to easily send in their  OPPO devices to OPPO Service Centers at their own time using the courier of their choice.

“As a brand committed to delivering the best devices to our consumers, we’re also equally committed to ensuring we offer the best possible customer care services possible. We understand the difficulties and the anxiety of our consumers whenever they have to travel outside of their homes at this time so we’ve introduced a contactless customer repair service through the  Send-in Repair Service that gives our users a safer and more convenient way to have their OPPO devices checked,”  says Aaron Gueverra, OPPO Philippines Aftersales Assistant Director. Here’s how you can directly ship your device to the closest OPPO Service Centers and everything you should keep in mind when doing so.

Submit your Send-in Repair Request at the OPPO Service Website or MyOPPO

 Go to the OPPO Support website and navigate OPPO’s Convenient Services for Send-in Repair. Fill out the required details with accurate information. Once your application is successful, you can view your send-in repair order and the information for the service center where you should send your OPPO product for repair.

You can also submit a request using the MyOPPO App using the steps provided above.

Ship your device to the nearest OPPO Service Center

 The success page will give you the details you need to ship your device to the OPPO Service Center. Once your devices have been checked, the OPPO service center will ship back the device to your address and will cover the expense of returning the item to you.

The Send-in Repair Service is currently available to all OPPO users in the National Capital Region.