Tanduay’s New TVC is a Salute to Friends Who Keep Us Sane

Friends make everything seem light.

Tanduay’s latest TVC, “All Light Lang”, is not only fun to watch but it also reminds us of the value of having friends around especially during these extraordinary times.

In the opening of the TVC, the main character is seen singing to the tune of Gloc9’s “Simpleng Tao” and the different stresses that he has to deal with everyday — from tech problems, to paying a lot of bills, to never ending household chores. Despite all of these, he is able to end his day with a smile because his friends are there for him.


“Masakit sa ulo, pero light lang tayo,” his friends sing to him as they unwind and share a drink of Tanduay Light.

Marc Ngo, International Development Manager and Senior Brand Manager at Tanduay, shared that during the concept development for the Tanduay Light TVC the brand direction was to convey the experience the product brings.

“We want a material that will make viewers feel happy. With everything that’s happening now with the pandemic, we just wanted to share a good laugh, a great drink, and a fun experience. For a moment, we want the viewers to set aside the negativity and focus on a light moment shared with friends,” he said.

As the song further cites, “Ang nagpapagaan ng lahat ng ito – ang tropa ko.”

The TVC has a fitting ending and a reminder that things are going to be easier if only we will reach out. The final copy states, “Gaan ng may kasama”.