Safety will still be key in 2021, here’s what you’ll need

Safety tacked on a whole new meaning this year.

Suddenly the phrase “stay safe”, “ingat”, or any iteration of these well-wishes became a common salutation with a little more weight into it. We’ve also been witness to a plethora of measures and protocols to help keep us safe this year—and rightfully so. The coronavirusis, after all, no joke. Its effects not only on health, but also on society, have truly been unsettling.

And with this “safety first” mentality already ingrained in our system after almost a year of subscribing to it, we will definitely be carrying it with us for years to come.

All that being said, and with the gradual return of a more mobile lifestyle, here are some items you can purchase for you and your family in time for Christmas to help you keep safe in 2021:


For health and fitness: Smart Watch

“Health is wealth” is a term that has been thrown around all year, and for good reasons. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise has been found to boost the immune system, which is important if you want to fend off illnesses. To help meet your fitness goals and monitor progress, plus track your heart rate and even your oxygen levels, try purchasing a smartwatch. These handy devices not only help with your fitness needs, but also warn you of any irregularities in your heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.

For health safety: Air Purifier

To ensure that you have clean and virus-free air wherever you go, purchase a portable air purifier with either a HEPA or a UV light filter. The former prevents harmful germs and bacteria from re-circulating in the air you breathe by trapping them in a filter while the latter terminates these right away.

For cybersafety: A laptop built in with the latest cybersecurity tech

While most people were safe from the coronavirus, working and studying in their homes this year, what they didn’t know was that they were at risk of another viral infection, cyberattacks—as home networks have been found to be prone to cyberthreats.

To help protect your devices, family network, and your personal data make sure to have a laptop or personal computer that has advanced anti-malware and anti-virus software built-in which can detect infections and attacks before they even happen. This will allow you to carry on with your daily tasks at ease.

For mental health safety: A subscription to a mental health app

Besides our physiological health, our mental health was also threatened this year. To help safeguard your mental health, consider purchasing a subscription to a mental health app that provides tips, activities, and exercises to keep yourself calm, collected, and positive throughout the day.

For safe mobility: A safety-tech-packed family vehicle

With mobility slowly going back to normal, it would be wise to purchase a personal vehicle to truly reduce contact. But don’t just purchase any car; buy one loaded with safety features for that extra peace of mind.

The New Honda CR-V, for example,is equipped with the innovative Honda Sensing technology, the car brand’s artificially-intelligent driver-assistive software that can detect and prevent possible collisions and provide convenient driving controls such as adaptive cruise control among others.

So not only will you feel “out of harm’s way” virus-wise,you can also rest a little easier road-safety-wise knowing that you have an artificially intelligent assistant that is guaranteed to help keep you and your passengers safe from harm.

To learn more about the innovative Honda Sensing technology and the Honda vehicles equipped with this feature, visit the nearest Honda Cars dealership or access Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.’s virtual showroom through HCPI’s official website at

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