Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The secret is out! The Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies, originally lauded as the best-kept secret of the South, is now being thoroughly enjoyed by cookie lovers from the North, South, East, and West because it is now available in Metro Manila.

Made of Belgian Dark Couverture and California Walnuts, these cookies are best eaten with either coffee, milk, juice, or just on it’s own. The Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies comes in two sizes, the Giant and the regular size. However, because it’s Christmas season and due to demands left and right, Fet Boys has come up with a Christmas box that will allow you to enjoy both the giant size and the regular version in one go.

For a limited time only, you can avail of the Christmas box from Fet Boys and get 3 giant cookies and 3 regular sized cookies for only Php500. It comes in pastel colors of lime, pink, and blue.

Treat yourself for surviving these crazy times or treat someone you love.If you can’t think of what to give this Christmas season, the Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies is absolutely perfect. Not too sweet, crunchy yet moist, and it gets better as days pass by.

Created by Kirk Steven Ngo, a graduate of DLSU-CSB HIRM course, Fet Boys is all about good vibes and comfort food. He created this cookie to be enjoyed by everyone which is why it took him months to perfect. When you bite into a Fet Boys’ cookie, you will feel like you’re being hugged and comforted by a cookie. That’s the goal every time Chef Kirk makes one.


To order, you may message the Fet Boys on their Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/fetboys

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