Culinary Rock Star Chef Laudico Brings His Kitchen Online

The past few months of staying indoors has significantly changed our habits, routines, and even plans and outlook. To break the monotony of being holed up at home, many are discovering new hobbies and interests, starting their own business or taking up short courses to learn new skills. Still many are rekindling their relationship with food through cooking-planning meals and creating various dishes for the whole family.

La Germania, the trusted household brand known for its premium and high-quality kitchen appliances, makes rediscovering the joy of cooking and mastering different kitchen tricks easier to let you serve love through good food. La Germania is bringing top chef Rolando Laudico’s kitchen online starting August 21 in its #CookingTogetherWithLaGermania series.

Chef Lau, who owns several restaurants, bistros and cafes around Metro Manila, is eager to share his knowledge of the kitchen with both aspiring restaurateurs and stay-at-home chefs. Through the online series, the celebrated chef can share some secrets and cooking hacks while preparing unique recipes that anyone can do at home to make meal times more special for the whole family.

“Navigating this new normal is indeed a challenge. I think we must take it upon ourselves to look for something that not only helps us overcome the difficulties we face but also allow us to contribute to society as we all battle this invisible enemy,” shares Chef Laudico.

Chef Lau will be the main host of the #CookingTogetherWithLaGermania series, which will feature recipes by the chef and his guests. Chef Lau will be joined in the 15-minute cooking episodes by food journalist Stephanie Zubiri, culinary entrepreneur Karel Marquez and the entire Laudico family.

The series will run for five months and will have a total of five episodes, which will be livestreamed on La Germania’s official Facebook page. The #CookingTogetherwithLaGermania features an exciting array of topics and recipes from regional food favorites to Filipino Christmas staples. Full recipes of what’s been prepared during the episode will be published on the Instagram page of Chef Lau and his featured guest for those who want to try the featured dishes at home.

Kicking off the series is Chef Lau and Stephanie Zubiri’s special take on the beloved Filipino dish, Bicol Express. The first episode will be livestreamed on August 21 at 2:00 p.m. on La Germania’s official Facebook page. Succeeding episodes will be livestreamed on September 11, October 23, November 27, and December 18. Those who missed the livestream can still access previous episodes on the same page.

“Back when I was starting my business two decades ago, it was La Germania that I trusted to be my kitchen partner. Now, I am happy to work with this trusted brand once again to share with you some nuggets of culinary wisdom that you can apply at home,” Chef Laudico says.

To stay updated on the #CookingTogetherwithLaGermania episodes and know more about La Germania’s products in the Philippines, follow the official Facebook and Instagram accounts of the trusted kitchen brand.

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