Attract Luck in Love in the 2024 Year of the Dragon at SM

As we approach the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon, SM Supermalls in the east have all you need to get ready to attract all the wonderful things in 2024. 

Oriental themed arc at the entrance of SM Center Angono
Dragons need not to be scary for kids. These cute dragon plushies are available at SM Store Masinag and San Mateo.

Attract “Luck in Love” at SM with auspicious charms, food, items, and activities at SM City Masinag, SM City San Mateo, SM Center Angono, and SM Cherry Antipolo. Each mall has decked its areas with vibrant red and gold, huge lanterns, money trees, heart arcs, and a giant cheerful dragon. Chinese horoscopes are also on display for everyone to check out their fortune in 2024


In Feng Shui, dragons are considered auspicious and can come in many colors and materials. For example, a golden dragon is said to be good for prosperity. Shop for these golden dragons at SM Store Masinag and San Mateo.
HopTik, a portmanteau of Hopia and Tikoy, which both have Chinese origins, is a yummy take of the well-loved snacks. These are available at SM Supermarket in SM Cherry Antipolo, SM City San Mateo, SM City Masinag and Savemore SM Center Angono.

Celebrate with family with sweet and sticky tikoy, fruits, dumplings, and noodles from Chinese restaurants like King Bee, Classic Savory, and Chowking for the Luck in Love Feast. Shop for lucky charms for the house and personal belongings at SM Store and at the Luck in Love Fair. The lively and festive lion and dragon dance is set to perform on February 10 to attract abundance for tenants and shoppers alike.

Tikoy or Nián gāo is a popular Chinese New Year’s cake made of glutinous rice flour, water, and sugar. Its sticky consistency symbolizes a healthy bond within the family and other relationships. Get these from SM Supermarket Masinag, San Mateo, SM Cherry Antipolo, and Savemore SM Angono.


In Feng Shui, green wallets are believed to promote income opportunities. This Year of the Dragon, get yourself this green wallet from Bench available at SM City San Mateo, Masinag and SM Center Angono.

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