6 ways to ensure an unforgettable family road trip post pandemic

During this seemingly-endless staycation, it’s difficult not to catch yourself scrolling through photos of past trips or daydreaming about vacation spots you and your family could have toured during the recent uneventful summer. Indeed, the farthest destinations we can head to at this time are those we visit through photos and our imagination.

On the bright side, quarantine measures are being eased while vaccines are being developed so travel may soon be permitted. But it will most probably be restricted to road travel. And that’s not a bad thing especially since our country has plenty of beautiful destinations families can visit via road trips.

As soon as conditions and regulations permit, you’d probably be racing to get out of town. So, here are some travel tips to make that long-awaited family road trip “extra” worth it: 

Go “far, far away”

With a new record for “longest staycation” in most Filipino’s books, it would be an absolute vacation to really get as far away as possible from one’s home-office. A great option would be the northernmost tip of Luzon, Pagudpud. With its pristine beaches and sumptuous seafood offerings, you’ll wish you would’ve been quarantined there instead.

More into breathtaking sceneries and cold weather? Take your family to Sagada and breathe in the sweet and relaxing smell of nature you’ve been missing for months. 

Engage in “carpool karaoke”

Even if we’ve been stuck at home 24/7, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve spent enough quality time with family, especially if one is swamped with work. To create more exciting experiences with family during the road trip, try engaging in games which can also make the long travel feel shorter.

Start with simple games like “I spy” to break the ice and engage the whole family, especially the kids. From there, you can move on to other activities like Karaoke which will definitely make the family feel alive, and even pumped up.

Assign designated DJs

Speaking of music, one way to get to know each other better and ensure a quality trip, is to have the family take turns in playing music. If the family members aren’t the talkative type, this would be a great way to express themselves and learn new tunes in the process. Just try to smoothen out the order of “DJs”—it would be weird listening to Led Zeppelin then suddenly jumping to some Taylor Swift. Unless your family is cool with that, then by all means.

Load up your stopovers

After an almost travel-less year, why drive to just one destination? Maximize that family road trip by stopping over at iconic spots and towns along the way. Going to Pagudpud? Stop by Vigan for lunch and enjoy their famous longganisa and empanadas. Going down south to Camarines Sur? Pass by centuries-old churches and marvel at their timeless structure.

Travel in a perfect family-car

If you are already planning a family road trip, remember that a clunky car can easily turn that much-awaited travel into a disaster where everyone wished you hadn’t planned it in the first place. So make sure to drive a vehicle that’s spacious, comfortable, and fuel efficient, like the new Honda CR-V. The SUV also comes loaded with advanced technological features that can guarantee a safe and premium driving experience.

What’s more, it is available with the latest deals, so you can easily get one while still having a budget for that road trip!



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