3-step Korean grooming and pampering regimen for men

Who doesn’t want to look like one of your K-pop idols? Achieving the Korean idol look (read: really bright, flawless skin) may seem next to impossible, but with a good grooming and pampering routine, you’ll be able to create a clean canvas that is your skin.

Blackwater presents the following steps to male grooming and pampering using its Korean Skincare Set to help you create a Korean skincare routine that is simple, quick, and easy to maintain.


Blackwater Charcoal Facial Foam


Step 1: Deeply cleanse your skin

A noticeable feature among Korean idols is their oil-free skin. The key here is to deeply cleanse your face without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. The Charcoal Facial Foam does just that with key ingredients like bamboo and cucumber extracts to remove deep-seated dirt and control oil production on your face, while keeping it hydrated and energized. After a good cleansing, your skin feels refreshed and reinvigorated!



Blackwater Energizing Moisturizer with SPF 50+ PA+++



               Step 2: Moisturize your way to bright skin

Moisturizing the facial skin helps lock in moisture and create a preventive barrier to protect your skin against harsh impurities. The SPF-based Energizing Moisturizer shields your face against UV rays, while keeping pore appearance improved and the skin brighter and more rejuvenated with its chestnut and Hinoki cypress leaf extracts. It’s lightweight, too, which means you won’t feel the heaviness of walking around with anything extra on your face.






Blackwater Charcoal Sheet Mask


Step 3: Pamper for extra supple complexion

Sheet masks are that one key ingredient that separates a Korean-looking skin from the rest. Use the Charcoal Sheet Mask to finish off your skincare routine to benefit from its charcoal and witch hazel ingredients that soothe and hydrate to extra moisturize the skin, leaving it softer and more supple. It’s a quick fix, too, for when you need to look instantly radiant for any occasion.




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