UK needs 90,000 registered nurses and healthcare workers

The United Kingdom is in need of Filipino registered nurses and healthcare workers to fill tens of thousands of vacancies in the country’s National Health Services (NHS), a shortage which has been exacerbated by the global pandemic. The government has a target of deploying 90,000 new nurses in the UK by the year 2024-2025 so the NHS can fully recover from the pandemic.

At the height of the pandemic, around 21,000 Filipino frontliners who were working for the NHS and private hospitals in the UK were lauded for their extraordinary contribution to the country’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the current staffing shortages, Filipino nurses who move to the UK are provided with attractive compensation and benefits packages as well as relocation support. Currently, Filipino nurses in the UK are offered great market-rate salaries, which is well above their expected rate in their home country. On top of this, they also receive excellent professional development and career opportunities, free healthcare, well-equipped hospitals and modern facilities, safeguards in place to ensure work/life balance, an opportunity to relocate their family to the UK for those who decide to stay in the UK long-term.

Successful NHS applicants can be offered accommodation upon arrival to the UK, as well as financial assistance for the cost of visa, licensing and travel.

For Filipino nurses who want to pursue employment in the UK, one of the most crucial steps to secure their dream job abroad is to prepare all of the necessary documents such as education and employment records, license and certifications, and to make sure these are fully verified. This can be done by logging on to, a platform that provides healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad. Job seekers can also have access to English training courses, which are a mandatory element of securing a job in the UK. By signing up, offers its Members with a number of career solutions including a free digital CV which can be shared with employers, regulators and recruiters and can also be showcased on social media.

In addition, Members can also utilize recruitment services including licensing services such as processing their DataFlow Report and country-specific requirements. They also have full access to a wealth of resources to answer any queries about moving to the UK. The platform will also be launching a new jobs platform very soon, where applicants can apply directly for lucrative roles around the world, opening them up to a world of job opportunities on an international scale.

Britannia Healthcare/Sharp BH Global Manpower, a leading recruitment group headquartered in the Philippines, has partnered with, which is part of the DataFlow Group. Through this alliance, and Britannia Healthcare help ambitious healthcare workers in the Philippines to access lucrative job opportunities in the UK and is an ongoing part of their relocation and professional journey.

For applicants interested in a role in the UK, simply create an account on (, build a myTrueProfile page, and set contact settings to the ‘Recommended’ option in order to attract new career opportunities.

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