PLDT, Smart champion mental health awareness with La Union

Strengthening its commitment to create safe spaces online, PLDT and Smart, through its collaborative initiative Better Today, partnered with the Provincial Government of La Union to champion mental health awareness through a conversation series entitled, “Kamusta Ka, eLyU?”.

Provincial Governor Emmanuel Ortega III delivers a special video message during the event.


In his message, Provincial Governor Francisco Emmanuel “Pacoy” R. Ortega III underscored the critical role of the government in ensuring that community-based mental health initiatives are implemented.

“Amidst our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important that we propel activities such as this that give importance to our mental state, equally as our physical wellbeing. I am pleased that this activity aligns with all our health advocacies in the provincial government,” Governor Ortega said.

PLDT and Smart invited resource speakers, including mental health advocate Joy Ortega, to drive intergenerational conversations on mental health. Local mental health expert Prixies Sambrano, registered psychometrician and Health Education and Promotion Officer II in the Provincial Health Office of La Union; Dr. Kathryn Tan, Medical Specialist III from the National Center for Mental Health; and singer-songwriter, student and mental health advocate Claudia Barretto also joined.

PLDT and Smart invite resource speakers for the “Kamusta Ka, eLyU?” conversations series on mental health, including Ms. Prixies Sambrano from the Provincial Health Office of La Union, Dr. Kathryn Tan from the National Center for Mental Health, and singer-songwriter and mental health advocate Claudia Barretto. The event is hosted by parent and mental health advocate Joy Ortega.


“Mental health is an issue that affects everyone and we need to talk about it. All of us, especially amid the pandemic, we’re adapting to so many changes. The “Kamusta Ka, eLyU” program is for our youth and it is all about them. This is their safe space. We hope that through initiatives like this, we are able to save lives,” Joy Ortega said.

Smart Assistant Vice President and Head for Government Relations Jose Lukban Rosete emphasized the importance of the collaboration.

“We’re very happy to partner with the Provincial Government of La Union to champion mental health. The youth are our most vulnerable sector yet they play a vital role in the sustainability of our communities. It is important that we provide this safe space for them, both offline and online, where they can freely express themselves and share their own mental health state. Through Better Today, we hope that by driving conversations on mental health awareness, we create a generation who is mentally healthy and resilient,” Rosete said.

Catch the replay of “Kamusta Ka, eLyU” Better Today Conversations on Mental Health Awareness via the Official Facebook Page of Joy Ortega:

PLDT and Smart seek to uplift and improve the overall physical and mental wellness of Filipinos through initiatives that ensure food security, improve nutrition, and create awareness online.

 These initiatives emphasize the commitment of PLDT and Smart to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG #2: Zero Hunger, and SDG #3: Good Health and Well-Being.