Jollibee implements topnotch sanitation, safety standards across its Drive-thru, Take Out, Delivery, and Dine-in services

For over 40 years now, Jollibee has consistently been setting the norm in the quick service restaurant industry when it comes to the strictest standards in food safety and sanitation. From the sourcing of raw materials to food storage, preparation and handling, the brand has always made it a priority to ensure the health and well-being of its customers. With the changing demands of the new normal and shift in consumer habits, Jollibee is quick to adapt by implementing even stricter safety measures in all its branches, not just for dine-in but also for delivery, take out, and drive-thru.

Delivering Joy safely  

Jollibee is giving people more ways to grab their Jollibee favorites faster and more conveniently with its recently launched Jollibee App, which customers can also use aside from the #87000 hotline and delivery website

Jollibee riders sanitize the delivery bags before and after each use, to ensure customer safety.

Strict safety and cleanliness measures are implemented starting from food preparations, with the Jollibee crew wearing the prescribed PPEs, including face masks, face shield, and hand gloves. Their face shields are disinfected every four (4) hours or every after break, while face masks and hand gloves are changed every 30 minutes. The store crew’s temperature is also checked three times – before, mid, and after shift – to ensure they are fit to work.

In every transaction, Jollibee includes a delivery slip indicating the body temperatures of the crew and rider who handled their meals, along with a Jollibee safety seal certifying that all orders meet the highest food safety standards.

Allowing customers to have peace of mind as they avail of their deliveries, Jollibee makes certain that all delivery bags are sanitized with every transaction. The paper bags that customers receive also include the Jollibee safety seal, along with a delivery slip indicating the body temperature of the store crew and delivery rider who handled their food.

To drive safety, “No-Touch” transactions are observed at Jollibee in all its distribution channels – dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

During delivery, riders wear the proper safety gear and practice physical distancing and No-touch transactions for added safety. Customers can claim their orders on top of the delivery bag and observe a 2-meter distance from the rider. Should the delivery location be in a building, customers can receive their orders and pay at the lobby.

Joy from the store to your home

In Jollibee’s over 1,000 stores nationwide, the brand takes extra steps to ensure the safety of both its store team and customers. Customers are required to wear face masks, step on the disinfectant mat and undergo temperature checks to enter. Jollibee ensures that all customers who will enter the store have face shields if it is required by a particular LGU or commercial establishment. For dine-in customers, they are asked to fill-out the Customer Health Form to facilitate contact tracing.

To keep the number of people inside the stores within the allowed capacity, each branch issues sanitized queue numbers to customers. Aside from limiting store capacity, this also helps enforce proper physical distancing among those who are inside Jollibee stores.

Jollibee employees commit that all safety protocols are strictly adhered to by tracking every step in a health checklist.

A separate take out counter for ordering and claiming is also set up, with counter guards installed to minimize exposure between store crew members and customers.

The same stringent safety measures also apply in Jollibee drive-thru transactions. Customers can feel safe as they order their favorite Jollibee meals inside their vehicles, as all stores practice No-touch transactions where customers claim their orders from a tray and place their payment in sanitized cash containers, or go with any of the contactless payment options: Happyplus card, debit or credit card, or PayMaya. For select stores, ordering and claiming windows also have acrylic drive-thru guards for added protection.

Joyful and safe dining

Jollibee has intensified the sanitation of its wares by adding extra cleaning steps in its dishwashing procedure. High-touch point surfaces in stores, including doors, handles, and knobs, are disinfected every 30 minutes. Solid surfaces as well as other areas with possible customer contact are cleaned every hour.

Jollibee practices proper sanitation by disinfecting high-touch surfaces in stores every 30 minutes.


Regular hand sanitation is also a must for all employees. Jollibee provides its team with “Safe To and From the Store Guidelines”. This includes transportation arrangements, strict use and proper handling of masks, and filling out a Daily Health watch and store team tracker for contact tracing even among employees.

Jollibee also ensures that all its branches are compliant with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) requirements on indoor air quality and ventilation. The standard ventilation design for all stores follow internationally recognized standards of ASHRAE 62.1 which pertains to Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality. In adherence to these standards, Jollibee’s current ventilation system design provides sufficient air changes per hour. Air quality is also enhanced through the installation of particulate filtration and air purifiers where required.

“At Jollibee, safety remains to be our top priority. We will continue to bring the highest quality of service to our customers, implementing the best safety and sanitation  practices to ensure we provide safe and great-tasting meals in all our distribution channels,” said Francis E. Flores, ‎Jollibee Global Brand CMO, JFC Philippines Country Business Group and concurrent PH Marketing Head.

As quarantine measures ease at certain areas, Jollibee continues to serve Filipinos in a safe and joyful way. Enjoy your favorite treats from Jollibee by visiting any of the  Jollibee stores nationwide, or logging in at, Jollibee App, or calling the #87000 hotline.

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