OPPO executive Zen Han on creating digital business opportunities amidst global crisis

OPPO Philippines joins the latest business book, The E-Hustle: What the Country’s Best Digital Leaders Can Teach You About Launching and Growing Your Online Business, published by Bookshelf PH. This is the first time that the smartphone brand will be featured in a local business book to talk about some of its secrets to its business success.

The book covers everything new entrepreneurs need to know when navigating the world of e-commerce, especially in the Philippine context. OPPO, through its Vice President for National Sales Zen Han, delves into the business strategies of the brand in jumpstarting and growing its e-commerce presence.

In The E-Hustle, Han shares the value of using the traditional marketing mix or the Four P’s—product, price, platform, and promotions—in forming an effective digital marketing strategy that can help any business drive awareness, engagement, and conversion. When implementing the mix in any marketing campaign, Han advises online entrepreneurs to have a complete understanding of their target market by studying their financial capabilities and priorities, as well as their digital consumption behavior on promotional and purchasing channels. By doing so, businesses have a better chance of reaching their target market and fulfilling their customers’ needs and wants.

Han highlights in the book some of OPPO’s notable campaigns in 2020 and the first half of 2021 as proof of the successful integration of traditional and digital marketing practices. These include strategies behind the #ShotOnOPPO Instagram promotion, influencer marketing maximization for its Reno series campaigns, and e-commerce centered product launches. 

“The pandemic has tested and continues to test the strength and resilience of businesses in the Philippines, especially as we continue to alternate between different levels of lockdown that largely affect operations. But it also showed how e-commerce became the saving grace for many of them, including OPPO,” Han said. “I feel honored sharing my insights in The E-Hustle about e-commerce and marketing, along with other thought leaders in e-commerce, business, and innovation who share valuable knowledge on how new entrepreneurs can thrive online.”

More than just a provider of high-quality, value for money smartphones and wearables, OPPO has become an innovative brand that spearheads the creation of digital opportunities for Filipinos and the local e-commerce scene. Under Han’s leadership, OPPO is able to achieve many great feats, such as being named the top smartphone brand in the Philippines in 2020, and inspire other businesses to survive and thrive amidst the pandemic and future crises.

The E-Hustle is pivotal to OPPO’s intention of strengthening its e-commerce platform to provide Filipinos with more access points to the best and leading smartphone technologies. The book also exhibits OPPO as an example of business excellence–with its success defying even a global crisis by staying rooted in its corporate philosophy, adapting better to the current economic landscape by sticking to tried and tested marketing techniques.

“OPPO was born a few years after the SARS outbreak in 2002, which is why the company has had enough experience navigating e-commerce while it was still in its infancy. Now with the pandemic, we already know how to pivot when needed and reorganize our operations to keep the business going, all while accommodating our customers’ needs with no fail. We hope that readers of The E-Hustle will be inspired by OPPO’s journey in e-commerce and apply what they learn in their own business as well,” Han said.

The E-Hustle features some of the top e-commerce players in the Philippines who shared how they used different tools and technologies—from digital payments to livestreaming—to carve out success. They also relayed their knowledge on the best strategies for establishing a digital store, building a supply chain on a mobile device, and making the most out of social media marketing.