How to make your business thrive in the new normal

The impact of the on-going pandemic has dealt a huge blow on many industries. Now, businesses have no choice but to adapt to the “new normal.” While for some industries this might mean undergoing big changes, taking the current situation as a challenge means that businesses can still thrive and continue to deliver excellent service to their clients.

Eastern Communications, one of the country’s premiere telecommunications companies, recently held an industry webinar E-Huddle that talked about innovations solutions that business owners can adapt to thrive amid the COVID-19 crisis. The telco invited Jojy Azurin, co-founder of several digital-based startups, to talk about crucial points that businesses need to invest in order to keep up with the new normal.

Move your business online

The retail and food industry are few of the industries that have been terribly affected by the community quarantines and lockdowns since the pandemic began. Therefore, businesses in these industries can still thrive and conduct their business through e-commerce.

“Don’t think e-commerce is only for B to C, this is also for B to B, and you can automate your supply chain using e-commerce,” said Azurin. Developing new digital marketing and communications platforms to engage clients directly and respond to their needs can easily be done and businesses can now maximize the available technology and resources to adapt to the quarantine economy.

Offer easier mode of payment

A lot of banks have adapted and now have their services available online. There are many ways you can utilize e-banking and payment tools to help grow your business and survive in the new normal. Having these options for transaction available in your business will enable your clients or customers to minimize them going outdoors and safely transact with you.

Secure your online assets

Since the lockdown, most businesses have resorted to work from home arrangements for the safety of their employees and clients. There are many risks and dangers that may threaten business data especially now that we are heavily reliant on internet and digital solutions.

Azurin also stressed, “As more meetings and agreements will be handled via phone and e-mail, the risk of phishing attacks and email frauds increases. With this, businesses should consider cyber security as part of your post-pandemic acquisition and restructuring strategy. It is also important to review your security protocols around remote access to ensure multi-level authentication is enabled for all users.”

Invest in cloud solutions

Cloud solutions now enable us to collaborate and work efficiently as a team even when working from different places. Azurin emphasized that companies should take advantage of cloud solutions because it is the only way for them to work efficiently remotely and exploring more tools in the cloud will help them absorb more transactions without investing too much on hardware. Eastern Communications, for example, provides Eastern Cloud, one of its latest ICT solutions offering world-class method of storing and sharing company data and applications securely over the Internet, hence advancing overall business performance.

E-Huddle is an on-going series of industry webinars organized by Eastern Communications. Visit to learn more.

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