Contactless transactions made easier with BTI Payments

For more than a year and half now, the pandemic has caused a seemingly permanent shift to the mindset of people. The fear of contacting the dreaded virus gripping the whole world has fast-tracked the full digitalization of services in the country. No longer are people physically going to a bank or a payment center, justto settle their bills. Practically everything is done digitally or virtually, nowadays

However, there are instances when one is required to go out, especially when withdrawing money or when paying digitally using a smart phone, is not possible. In these cases, financial technology companies like BTI Payments Inc. answers this pressing need by providing contactless payment services at many convenient locations nationwide.

Providing access ‘where they’re at’

Even before the pandemic hit, BTI Payments Inc., a member of the Banktech Group and a subsidiary of Banktech, a leader in specialized payment and technology solutions in Australia and across the South Asian region, saw that one of the reasons why a huge chunk of the Philippine population remainsunbanked, is mainly due to a lack of accessibility. There are still quite a number of locations in the country where banks are inadequately numbered to sufficiently provide the needs of its residents.

To answer this urgent need, in 2015, BTI Payments Inc.innovated and offered technology-driven products through its Cash Connect ATMs and Pay&Go self-payment kiosks—providing convenient access to cash in and cash out, especially in underserved or unserved areas.

Its 600 owned and operated self-payment kiosks, certified by the BangkoSentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and strategically placed nationwide, offer a variety of convenient services including e-cash, e-wallet loading, bills payments, and mobile phone top-ups.

In addition, these Pay&Go machines were recently upgraded to ensure that transactions are processed in real time, with a 24-hour customer care hotline to address any concerns users may have regarding their transactions.

Meanwhile, its Cash Connect ATMs, fully accredited by BancNet, provides easy and secure access to cash. These ATMs are located near communities, residential areas, and workplaces—allowing consumers to conveniently withdraw cash along their regular routes and veer away from common places like malls where ATMs are already widely available.

In line with BSP’s thrust for financial inclusion, BTI Payments Inc. plans to install even more kiosks and ATMs in untapped areas, helping transform community stores into financial hubs and provide more Filipinos with access to transactional tools and services.

   Safe and convenient transactions near you

Presently, these innovations now serve multiple purposes. Besides the aforementioned goals aligned with the BSP to provide access to more Filipinos nationwide, BTI Payments’ Pay&Go kiosks and Cash Connect ATMs also offer Filipinos contactless financial transactions near their residences and workplaces which is a safer alternative especially during this precarious time.

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