Allianz Banking on Young, Digital-Savvy, Finance Protégés

Allianz PNB Life is offering young, dynamic, talented, and digital-savvy Filipinos the opportunity to make a profitable income and be in control of their careers, while helping others secure their health and financial future without sacrificing the time to pursue their own passions.

The Digital Natives of Allianz, or DNAs, are the products of the company’s newest agency program.  The program attracts, trains, and develops self-starting young Filipinos who want to take charge of their lives.  DNAs from diverse backgrounds are welcome as long as they have an entrepreneurial mindset, want to be in control of their careers, and are disciplined in following the program. Young, curious, digitally-skilled, and proficient at multi-tasking, they are the new lifeblood of Allianz PNB Life and the future of the insurance industry.

According to Allianz PNB Life Distribution Training Supervisor Candice Elaine Veloso, the DNA program aims to reward  committed, and tech-savvy individuals who want to establish a lifelong career in the insurance industry.

“The DNAs undergo a bespoke four-week training program designed to prepare them to become knowledgeable, experienced, and valuable assets to the business,” Veloso said.

To be a DNA, means having to undergo a rigorous selection process, as Allianz PNB Life handpicks only the best. Close to 200 applicants from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao tried out during the first recruitment process held earlier this year. Thirty-five applicants were admitted to the training program and 31 successfully completed it.

True to the name – “Digital Natives” – the training program was conducted via digital tools meant to meet the demands of modern times. Each applicant went through a variety of learning interventions such as role-playing, case studies, and other assessments that are meant to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as raise their confidence and insight on how to best serve the needs of their life insurance clients.

Accepted DNAs are able to enjoy a set of exclusive benefits while in the 12-month full-time program, which includes a monthly financial allowance on top of commissions, access to rewards and special training classes, basic HMO coverage and a tablet ownership plan go be able to do paperless transactions when helping their clients secure their preferred life insurance program. The DNAs use Allianz PNB Life’s digital platform called AZ Journey to help their clients have a seamless life insurance application process. In this new normal, life insurance professionals have to do their business in a virtual environment, and Allianz’ Digital Natives are provided the support to do this with the right tools, motivation as well as the support of their mentors and leaders.

DNAs become not only a part of one of the country’s leading health and insurance providers, but also get the backing of the world’s number one insurance brand (according to the latest Interbrand Best Global Brand Rankings).

“This year, the entire industry is called to better serve the needs of Filipinos, of every age. To paint a future picture where, even as Covid-19 exists, digitalization and technology plays a crucial part in helping us reach out to out customers when they need us the most. I have so much hope for our young DNAs, because not only are they creative and enthusiastic about innovating the industry, they also collectively believe in the noble nature of our purpose – to secure the future. They do their work with a lot of heart. I have great hope in the next generation, especially when I see the Digital Natives of Allianz in action,” said Orange Galcim, Chief Agency Officer, Allianz PNB Life.

Allianz is currently in the process of assembling the second batch of DNAs. If you would like to become one, head on over to the Allianz PNB Life social media accounts to learn more.

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