Abenson pushes for sustainability with Mayani through Go Green and Give Back

In an age where tackling global warming is becoming more felt by everyone than ever, responsible corporations are now putting this as a centerpiece of their sustainability agenda and brand DNA.

Leading this wave is retail giant Abenson, through its e-commerce arm Abenson.com, who activated the “Go Green and Give Back” campaign putting a primacy on its environment-friendly inverter technology.

Through the campaign, all online “green purchases” of its inverter-powered refrigerator – those that are energy-efficient and reduce electricity consumption – will automatically come with an Abenson-donated farmer pack from Mayani, a leading agricultural technology startup uplifting small farmers and boosting rural livelihood. The packs will then be funneled towards various community pantries in the country.

“Bringing the good life to every Filipino’s home – being Abenson’s core mission–

has taken an expanded meaning through this collaboration. From helping our farmers to supporting local community pantries and preventing environmental degradation, this is truly a triple-bottom aspiration which Mayani shares and is galvanizing with them,” said Ochie San Juan, who also leads a farmers cooperative in Lian, Batangas and the Co-Founder & Chief Farmer of Mayani.

Abenson, now over 50 years as an institution, already breached the 120-mark in terms of its nationwide footprint of store branches and is known for its fast delivery and click-and-collect order fulfillment service.

Since 2021, they have been consistently providing Mayani-sourced food packs to different community pantries and even their employees as part of their corporate social responsibility and people engagement.