ABB launches new circuit breaker for optimized energy management

ABB launches its extended range of molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) – SACE Tmax XT – in the Philippines. ABB’s new TMAX XT series of molded case circuit breakers combines the highest levels of protection that have always characterized ABB’s molded case circuit breakers, with the most precise metering and connectivity functionalities, providing designers, installers and end-users exclusive solutions for their daily needs.

Suitable for applications from 160 A to 1,600 A, the SACE Tmax XT offers exceptional breaking capacity for all voltages and applications. Combined with high-precision electronic relays of the smallest sizes, the new series protects equipment investments and ensures uninterrupted operation and high availability.

This meets the standards of the Philippines‘ law – the RA 11285 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law – which requires establishments to integrate an Energy Management System in its policies. The SACE TMax XT utilizes Ekip Trip Units, which provides advanced functionalities, including the ability to measure and monitor energy consumption like a power meter. This is essential in attaining a comprehensive Energy Management System, thus, helping to support energy conservation measures.

SACE Tmax XT sets new standards for plant and energy management. The XT family’s built-in connectivity links smartphones, tablets and PCs to data analysis tools on the ABB AbilityTM cloud platform in real time. The extreme precision of the data measured means users have access to accurate information anywhere and anytime, making it easier to monitor resources and identify savings opportunities. Using the embedded smart power controller can help reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent.

“Upgrading the breakers is also straightforward,” said Niko Railo, Global Product Group Manager for ABB’s Breakers and Enclosures business. “As operational requirements evolve, for the first time ever customers can download new functions from the ABB Marketplace, choosing from more than 50 different protection, metering and automation functionalities.”

All sizes have the same logic, the same range of functions and the same intuitive operating display. This results in considerable time savings when installing and reduces installation errors. The simplified installation and commissioning, with settings that can be made via Bluetooth and Ekip communication modules from mobile devices, can reduce the time required by around 30 percent.

“Safety, product quality and reliability under pressure are fundamental to all our products and the Tmax XT series builds on that,” continued Railo. “Customers will immediately recognize ABB’s absolute attention to detail in everything from design to manufacturing and performance.”