3 reasons to invest in Filinvest City’s ‘green’ properties

Whether you’re an existing or rookie investor, or simply hunting for a new home to settle into, chances are you’re contemplating on the best type of property to infuse your hard-earned funds into. The trend these days is investing in sustainable developments or “green” properties, and for good reason.

“Today, it’s not just about where a property is located but also how it is strategically designed to meet specific needs, which are driven by new factors like health and the environment,” says Don Ubaldo, first vice president for townships of FilinvestAlabang Inc. “Investing in ventures that factor in these indicators should be the driving force for property investors when making their purchasing decisions.”

Not sure how “green” properties make for ideal investments? Filinvest City delves deeper into the reasons to help property investors arrive at sound purchasing decisions.

  1. “Green” communities positively impact overall health and well-being

With the world’s ongoing battle with climate change and the pandemic, it’s becoming more important for real estate hunters to settle into communities that allow them to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Filinvest City has been front and center in accelerating property investment via developments that promote healthy and sustainable living.

“Developing prime communities that marry business and nature has always been in Filinvest townships’ DNA. This has taken shape in the form of Filinvest City, a 244-hectare garden central business district (CBD) in the south of Metro Manila that nestles business, commercial, and residential infrastructures collectively enjoying the benefits of an environment-friendly location,” explains Ubaldo.

For their efforts in building sustainable property developments, Filinvest City has been awarded with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED v4 Gold for Neighborhood Development (LEEDv4 ND) certification – the first CBD in the Philippines to earn this recognition and the largest in Southeast Asia to meet the world’s stringent green development rating system.

What this means for property investors is that FilinvestCity is among the first developers to take the lead in building a healthier, more protected and sustainable environment for future generations. Investing in Filinvest City properties means providing business and residential real estate customers with a sustainable community that allows them to live healthier through lush greens and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, businesses have a higher chance of becoming LEED-certified themselves because building locators are entitled to additional points in their LEED application since the very township where they are located is LEED Gold-certified itself.

  1. Sustainable property developments are built for the new normal

Investors who gear their strategies toward “green” ventures will be able to take advantage of property hunters looking for specific developments that comply with today’s health standards. A future-ready development like Filinvest City isn’t only built to offer a healthy environment but has been designed as well to be seamlessly connected to promote the live+work+play lifestyle that people strive to balance in their everyday routine.

“Being in close proximity to your residence, workplace, essential establishments, and transport hubs is a major consideration for residential hunters these days, as they want a community that won’t put them at risk for any health issues,” says Ubaldo. “Investing in developments built near these important locations means offering property hunters with an ideal community where everything is within easy reach.”

  1. Ecologically designed infrastructures are cost-efficient, with property values that increase overtime

With LEED-Gold certified properties which allows real estate investors to enjoy lower operating costs in energy consumption, water savings and better waste management, these properties can also enjoy a higher market value and lease rate.

More importantly, sustainable property developments boast of higher market values. Filinvest City properties have been enjoying increased asset values through the years, with an annual growth rate of over 20% in the last 10 years. As a property investor, benefiting from cost-effective measures and growth flexibility means allowing them to maximize return on their investment.

“As an investor, socially responsible choices should guide your decision-making process. Although these technologically and ecologically advanced master planned communities may translate to a maximized ROI, at the end of the day, the sustainability of these properties remains as our end goal,” concludes Ubaldo.