The G-Fest: A Uniquely Geely Celebration of Gratitude, Heartwarming Stories, and Christmas Joy

Geely Philippines extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Geely Car Club Philippines (GCCPH), for  the success of the G-Fest event held last December 03, 2023 at Abagan Ti Manila in Tagaytay. This  momentous occasion was made more special with the support and attendance of Sojitz G Auto  Philippines (SGAP) President and CEO Yugo Kiyofuji and other SGAP officers. The G-Fest became a  celebration and testament of the strong partnership between Geely Philippines and GCCPH. 


SGAP President and CEO Yugo Kiyofuji expressed his appreciation to GCCPH saying, “You are the  ones who first believed in our brand, loved it, and supported it ever since. As such, we are honored to  be here to celebrate your anniversary. We feel as if we grew up together.” 

Geely Philippines, in a way to give back to the car club members’ unwavering support, shared how it  could offer more support through the G-Serv +, a uniquely Geely after-sales service which includes a  5-year/150,000 km warranty, 1-year roadside assistance, low-cost ownership, and an assured a 5- star customer experience. 

My Geely Story 

One of the highlights of G-Fest was the “My Geely Story”. The participants shared their most cherished  memories and experiences with their Geely units. Stories shared by Geely car owners not only touched hearts but also contributed to a meaningful fundraiser. The unique narratives painted a vivid picture of  the diverse and incredible journeys of Geely owners, showing their love for the brand and its important  role in their lives. 

Selecting winners for the contest was no easy task, given the significance and impact of each story. After careful consideration, the following participants were recognized for their exceptional “My Geely  Story”: 

1st Prize: Stanley Bernardo – “Love at First Car” 


2nd Prize: John Hans O. Caturas – Search for the perfect compact SUV 


3rd Prize: Louie Bejer – Travel memories with “Bronx”  


Christmas Joy 

Aside from the spirit of camaraderie shared by the Geely community, the atmosphere at the G-Fest was  nothing short of magical. It was a fun-filled event with games, resonating with joy, laughter, and the vibe  of the Christmas season. 

The Geely Journey 

The G-Fest added another beautiful chapter to the Geely story, reflecting the brand’s and car club’s  strong relationship and commitment to continue fostering a sense of community and creating more  opportunities for shared experiences.  

As the journey continues, Geely Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a strong  community and looks forward to creating more opportunities for Geely enthusiasts to connect and share  their passion for the brand. The G-Fest is not just about cars; it is about the shared experiences, rapport,  and the enduring spirit that makes it a momentous Geely Story for everyone present in the event.