Staying Safe As Your Family Enjoy Holiday Travels

Give a gift pack of safety this holiday season

It has been nearly three years since the pandemic suspended leisure travel. Now that travel restrictions have eased and many provinces no longer require strict guidelines for people to enter cities and municipalities outside the capital, traveling during the holiday is now common for people seeking to enjoy the Christmas holidays

But being able to join the holiday travel bandwagon does not mean that you should take the safety of your family for granted. Perhaps, safety should even be taken more seriously than ever as more and more families are expected to travel making the risks of accidents greater.

So, since Christmas is a time when we remember our loved ones with thoughtful presents, PRESTONE®, a leading innovator of cutting-edge antifreeze, coolants, and motor oils, reminds people to stay safe even as they plan to travel outside Manila for the holidays while suggesting a car maintenance gift basket that is both unique, practical and will surely be appreciated.

Maintain health protocols. As the country opens up, forgetting that we are still in a pandemic can mean we let our guard down. While it is true that COVID is not as scary as it first was back in 2020, some families have members who are still vulnerable. Grandparents, infants or relatives who have weak immune systems mean that extra care should still be observed.

Having your face masks handy at all times, maintaining physical distance, proper handwashing and disinfecting surfaces will all go a long way in keeping the threat of COVID at bay. Don’t forget to pack the essential medicines like paracetamols and medicines for car sickness. Remember that you want your road trip to be memorable as well.

Get your car ready for long trips. A safe travel also means that your vehicle must be in the best running condition. Long distance driving takes a toll on both the driver and the vehicle. Before embarking on a long trip, check the tires, brakes, and the cooling and transmission systems to make sure these are in top shape.

Check that your car’s tools are complete in case of a breakdown. Having an incomplete set of tools can be a nightmare especially if the car stalls along a road where there are no repair shops.

Gift them with a Do-It-Yourself Christmas Basket. But a Christmas holiday will never be complete without that thoughtful gift. This Christmas, consider gifting your dad or your favorite tito or kuya something different from what they would expect. To make their travel safe and more memorable, gift them with a special PRESTONE® gift pack.

Put together a gift pack of PRESTONE® DOT 4 Brake Fluid and Asian Vehicle Anti-Freeze+Coolant and PRESTONE® Care Fluids like the power steering fluid and oil additive?

PRESTONE® DOT 4 brake fluids offer high performance braking protection. Its high boiling point helps protects from the intense heat of up to 260 Celsius that minimizes brake fading out while on the road.

On the other hand, PRESTONE® Asian Vehicles Anti-Freeze + Coolant that optimizes engine temperature, prevents freezing while protecting the engine parts from build-up and corrosion thereby ensuring longer vehicle life while PRESTONE® Power Steering Fluid protects power steering components against pump breakdown due to wear and tear, oxidation and foaming.

Lastly, PRESTONE® Oil Additive protects against engine wear and tear and reduces oil consumption vastly improving engine performance.

And to make sure that loved ones stay safe and healthy, top off your gift basket with PRESTONE® Disinfecting Car Wipes. Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, it disinfects car surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, seats and dashboards safely while killing 99.99 percent of viruses, including the pesky COVID-19 virus.

And to give your gift a personal touch, pack it in colorful boxes or playful baskets so it is not only easy to carry but creative as well.

These gift boxes are more than just presents. They’re car maintenance ideas that ensure that you and your loved ones are safer on the road.

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