Petron is the official fuel and engine oil of 2022 Toyota Vios Cup

Industry leaders Petron Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines have strengthened their motorsports partnership in the 2022 edition of the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Vios Cup, now with PETRON XCS as the official fuel and PETRON BLAZE RACING ENGINE OIL as the official engine oil of the event.

TGR Vios Cup 2022 includes two main events, withthe Circuit Championship showcasing the country’s top racing teams, and the Autocross Challenge featuring celebrities, influencers, and media personalities. The series consists of 3 legs, running in July, August, and November.

The race cars competing in the TGR Vios Cup 2022 are all powered by PETRON XCS, a 95-octane premium gasoline formulated with a high-performance additive system containing a unique combustion catalyst and excellent detergent additive for optimum performance. The additive technology used in PETRON XCS ensures quicker engine response, excellent engine protection, and optimal fuel efficiency.

Speaking to some of the competitors at Leg 1 held last July 2 at the Clark International Speedway, professional racer and motoring personality Mike Potenciano was able to gather excellent testimonials about the official fuel.

For instance, keen competitor and consistent podium finisher Iñigo Anton says: “Amazing! PETRON XCS works very well with our Vios Cup race cars and, of course, our road cars. It is good that Petron also supports local racing championships as it brings in more racers and a lot more competition.”

Meanwhile, Red Diwa, a Super Sporting Class competitor, observes: “The XCS fuel is the number 1 fuel in the Philippines. There was no power drop from start to finish and it was very strong and powerful.”

Joaquin Garrido, Sporting Class rounds 1 and 2 winner for Leg 1, echoes the observations: “It is a very, very good fuel for racing and for the road as well! There was no difference in power for the whole race.”

Finally, Gerald Loy, who finished first in the Super Sporting Class of the leg’s second round, notes: “Ang XCS natin ok na ok. Kahit sobrang init, from start to finish, walang problema.”

With PETRON XCS as the official fuel of the 2022 TGR Vios Cup, competitors are assured of enhanced engine power and responsiveness for the most optimal track performance. In fact, as the most widely used gasoline in the country, race drivers are familiar with the superior qualities of PETRON XCS in powering their everyday drives, protecting the engines of their personal cars, and enjoying savings due to fuel economy.

Perfectly complementing and optimizing the performance benefits of PETRON XCS is the official engine oil for this competition season, PETRON BLAZE RACING ENGINE OIL. Formulated with a Thermal Stress Stabilizing System (TS3) that keeps the oil stable even at extreme temperatures, this line of gasoline engine oils provides the ultimate protection from engine stress while maintaining superior engine cleanliness.

Having served the fuel needs of the country for almost 90 years, only Petron has a deep understanding of the unique driving conditions on Philippine roads. Created by Filipinos for Filipinos, Petron fuels and lubricants are designed to meet the motoring needs of everyone, whether for everyday road use or on the highly-competitive racetrack.