Only the Maxus T60 can bring out this budding farmer’s MAX-imum potential

It has been a lifelong dream of Arcie Sumayao, an entrepreneur from Manila, to own and manage a farm. Through careful thought and planning, he turned his dream into reality by converting one of their properties in Cavite into a farmland which he could efficiently manage and nurture in order for it to grow as one of his sources of business revenue. As Arcie begins his journey to build a farm, he has set his dream into motion by taking the next logical step: To buy a tough, reliable, and dependable workhorse of a pickup.

In his quest for a steadfast ally, Arcie didn’t have to look far and wide. When he had set his eyes on the Maxus T60at the Quezon Avenue Dealership, he knew right there and then that everything he had planned will be flawlessly fulfilled. Right from the get go at the dealer, Arcie was made to feel right at home, which added confidence in his decision to purchase the vehicle. He recalls, “The treatment I received from the dealership from the first encounter up to the last made me feel I was already part of the family.”

Not long after, Arcie bought his T60 and they both have been virtually inseparable since then. “I’m happy with my T60 because it has served as my companion, especially when it comes to transporting heavy materials that are needed to build the farm of my dreams.” Having upsized dimensions of the T60 means that Arcie can haul even more materials while reducing the number of back-and-forth trips to the farm. The pickup’s imposing dimensions have also made quick work of the unpaved road leading to and from his property. He said, “The path there is a bit off-road and rocky, but the T60 rides perfectly on it!”

Arcie’s T60 has certainly played its many roles well. When it’s not hauling anything his growing farm needs, it serves as a reliable people transporter. “My son and his cousins love to ride in the back and just basically stroll around the farm,” he describes. What’s more, Arcie is delighted that the T60 runs as a robust, safe, and comfortable light commercial vehicle (LCV) that’s also right at home on the highways, stating “I like the legroom and the cruise control feature, especially when I am on the expressways so that I can set the speed at a constant 60 to 80 kph.”

Arcie attests that his purchase of a Maxus T60 has helped him immensely not only on the road but also financially, backing up his claim that the T60 is a “true value-for-money purchase.” It even proves its worth twice over with the vehicle’s outstanding qualities, such as its versatility that allows it to be both a utility and a family vehicle. Arcie explains that instead of buying two vehicles for two different purposes, he chose the one that could ably perform any role, “and then put that extra money in our farm instead.”

Maxus T60’s value proposition is indeed timely especially during uncertain times. Brought into the Philippine market by AC Motors—the automotive distribution and retail group of Ayala subsidiary, AC Industrials—every hardworking Filipino can ensure that the T60 and all other Maxus models guarantee a safe and carefree journey on its vehicles. And with 125 years of British heritage, expertise, and experience in LCVs, every Maxus vehicle is assured of reliable and long-lasting durability.

With the help of his Maxus T60, Arcie can look forward to the day when this pandemic becomes just another memory, and his farm a reality. That’s the time when he can truly say, “I made the Max out of everything I had, and now I and my family’s all the better for it.”

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