Luxury Meets Performance: Honda launches flagship BF350 Outboard Engine with powerful V8 350-horsepower engine in PH

Honda Power Products announced today the availability of The All-New BF350 Large-size Outboard engine equipped with a powerful V8 350-horsepower engine in the country. This flagship model represents the latest in Honda’s marine outboard technology, combining unparalleled power, fuel efficiency, and advanced features to elevate the boating experience for enthusiasts across the country.

The BF350 is the latest addition to Honda’s renowned BF Series, known for its exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness. With a newly developed dedicated V8 engine boasting a displacement of 4,952 cm3 (302 in3), the BF350 delivers an impressive maximum output of 350 horsepower. This formidable power is complemented by high torque, ensuring outstanding propulsion capabilities on the water.

One of the standout features of the BF350 is its emphasis on smooth and comfortable boating. The cruise control function allows boaters to maintain a set speed or engine rpm, while the trim support function automatically adjusts the outboard engine to maintain a pre-set trim angle, enhancing ease of operation. It also features an automatic tilt function, which simplifies docking and storage, providing added convenience to users.

When it comes to efficiency and reliability, the BF350 excels with its advanced engineering. The adoption of VTEC technology, which has long been a popular feature of Honda automobiles and outboard motors, coupled with air-fuel ratio feedback control and optimized gear case shape, ensures top-level fuel economy in its class without compromising on performance. Moreover, enhanced maintenance features such as anode prevention, easier oil filter changes, and a large-capacity alternator contribute to a hassle-free ownership experience.

The design of the BF350 embodies Honda’s commitment to functionality and aesthetic appeal. The “Noble Motion Form” design concept reflects luxury and high quality, making it a fitting flagship model in the marine outboard market. With chrome-plated parts and three-dimensional logos, the BF350 exudes a sense of sophistication and style on the water.

With its unmatched power, efficiency, and innovative features, the BF350 sets a new standard for outboard motors, ensuring an exceptional boating experience for our customers.

The All-New BF350 large-size outboard engine is now available at authorized Honda Power Product marine dealership in the Philippines.

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