It’s March Madness with the SUBARU FORESTER i-L EyeSight’s Free GT LITE KIT Upgrade!

Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines, enters March Madness with an amazing offer for the Forester i-L EyeSight.


This month, all Forester i-L EyeSight purchases will receive a free Forester GT Lite Kit upgrade, essentially achieving the Forester GT Lite Edition look, and adding that sporty image to this extraordinary SUV.

On top of this and on top of the cash discounts available for all variants of the Subaru Forester and all variants of the Subaru XV, Subaru is once again extending the additional service voucher promo to purchases of the said models for this month.

Subaru Forester and XV



  • SERVICE VOUCHER worth Php 50,000 (Forester i-S ES, Forester i-L ES, XV 2.0i variants)


  • SERVICE VOUCHER worth Php 20,000 (Forester GT Edition, XV 2.0 i-S, XV GT Edition)


  • PMS
  • Parts
  • Other outlet-based Services and Labor

These special deals also come on top of the standard 5-year warranty for purchases of new Subaru vehicles. Special deals for other Subaru models such as the Levorg, BRZ and WRX will also be available.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s all welcome the summer season by visiting your nearest Subaru showroom and test driving your next Subaru vehicle!

** on selected outlets, additional offers await once customer reserves for a Subaru vehicle.