Been driving around more often? Here are some road safety tips to remember

Ever since quarantine restrictions were eased mid-last year, more and more Filipinos have been starting to head out and hit the road. And with the expected arrival of COVID-19 vaccines soon, these numbers will definitely increase.

Despite this rise in mobility however, there are still plenty of risks when driving around at this time. These include the more aggressive COVID-19 strain, the hassle that comes with not having RFID stickers installed yet, and being disoriented by new lane assignments along major highways like EDSA.

So how can you ensure yours and everyone else’s safety on the road? Here are five tips to keep in mind:

Try not to head out unless it’s absolutely necessary

If you have no business heading out, just stay at home. Doing so will significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting and spreading the virus and the probability of getting into an accident on the road—these odds exist by the way. Sure, you’ve probably seen many of your friends driving around frequently, but it doesn’t mean you should, too.

Brush up on road rules and regulations

Being stuck at home for an extended period of time last year may have prompted us to feel a bit disconnected from the outside world and have led most to forget the usual sights and road signs that we see. Add that to the fact that there are newly implemented and revised road laws that we may not be as well acquainted with, as we once were.

To refresh and sharpen your road knowledge, try browsing through the reviewers provided by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) on their website. It’s the perfect refresher course for all road rules, signs, and regulations relevant today.

 Ensure that your vehicle is in the right condition

Do you remember the last time you brought your vehicle in for maintenance? If the answer is a “no” or “yes, but it was before the pandemic hit”, it would probably be best to have your vehicle checked before driving it around to prevent any mechanical problems on the road.

One way to ensure that your vehicle is in the right condition is to check out which warning lights on your dashboard are on.

Be as defensive as ever before

While most drivers agree that driving is a skill that one never forgets, no one said anything about how driving skills can diminish after going months without using them. Many drivers have been feeling a bit rusty and careless especially during their first drive after quarantine. With that, be as defensive as you can when you drive this year. Be conscious of your surroundings and try to eradicate any distractions especially since majority of road accidents last year involved distracted drivers.

 Watch out for Road safety tips from Honda’s official Facebook page

A good tip would also be to constantly seek out advice for road safety. Like and follow pages like Honda Cars Philippines to get regular doses of tips that will definitely come in handy as you go along Philippine roads.

These tips are part of the car company’s commitment to reduce road accidents through road safety education and collaboration with different sectors of society so you can rest assured that these are well thought of.

Honda has been releasing tips like these for quite some time now as it has been prioritizing road safety not just through the technological advancements installed in their vehicles, but through their “One Honda Road Safety” program.

The program, launched in 2017, aims to educate current and future Filipino drivers on road safety through activities like the “TeenSmart Road Safety seminar” for senior high school students, the “Road Safety for our family program” for Honda employees, Barangay safety riding clinics,and engaging road safety promotion posts on social media.

To learn more about road safety tips and One Honda Road Safety, visit HCPI’s official Facebook page or head to