Welcome to the marketplace of imagination: Eplayment launches the PIXEL Loot Fair

The first-ever fair event by the up-and-coming content aggregator platform PIXEL is set for June 1-2

Content creation has grown to be a lucrative field in recent years, with the explosive rise of influencer marketing and the spread of short-form video content on social media platforms. Content creators have grown into a niche of their own, with them being branded as entrepreneurs, monetizing their interests, hobbies, and other aspects of their lives. It’s very much like running a business, and with that comes the challenge of balancing it all.

Eplayment brings a content aggregator platform, PIXEL, designed to help burgeoning creators manage their content and social media accounts to elevate monetization opportunities and build a community among fans and content creators. The platform hopes to further its goals at the first-ever Loot Fair.  A cross between a convention and a conference for creators, the Loot Fair will be happening from June 1 to June 2, 2024, 10 AM – 10 PM at Estancia Mall, Pasig City. This event will be PIXEL’s much-awaited event where creators, fans, and enthusiasts can gather at a marketplace of ideas. “We recognize that there is quite a lot of potential for content creators to monetize the ideas they bring to life,” Eplayment CEO Karlos Naidas states. “We hope that through this event, we can bring together creators and their fans so we can build a community and a safe space for creativity to thrive and be enjoyed.”

A number of fun and educational activities await those who will attend, from PIXEL Creator Chats, where on-stage interviews with PIXEL’s Partner Creators will be conducted. This is also an opportunity for fans and fellow creators to ask questions and win raffle prizes. For those visiting the merchant booths, PIXEL’s donation feature will be accepted as a valid mode of payment, so both fans and creators can experience the seamless transfer of funds that PIXEL promises. A live auction for partner creators’ most prized possessions will also be held as a way for fans to score a sentimental piece from their favorite creator. An exciting cosplay runway will also happen to showcase talents and their personal branding and cosplaying skills on-stage. The likes of AC Soriano, Kang Dupet, and Euleen Castro will surely have some goodies that fans will be happy to snag.

The event is open registration and everyone is welcome to partake in this event and meet the creators that we all love. PIXEL Loot Fair is just the start of Eplayment’s many creator-centric programs to support the community, foster relationships within, and extend opportunities to aspiring creators.