Prime Video’s ‘Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen’ starring Kim Chiu premieres on July 6

Joined by ABS-CBN’s Content Development Head, Nathaniel Arciaga, the star-studded casts of ‘Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen’ shares how this new series is not just all about ‘ukay’ or local thrifting, but also highlights about dreams, love, family, and Filipino culture.

(From left to right: Nathaniel Arciaga – ABS-CBN’s Content Development Head, Justine Luzares, Kaladkaren Davila, Kylie Versoza, Jake Ejercito, Kim Chiu, Angel Aquino, Christopher de Leon, Liza Lorena, Frenchie Dy, and Lie Reposposa)

Much like the ukay clothes that she sells, Melanie was also “discarded” and abandoned by her own mother when she was a baby. She dreams of making it big in the fashion world to prove her worth and show her mother that she should’ve have never left her. She finds the opportunity of a lifetime when a young, handsome fashion executive takes notice of her talents. This brings Melanie to the glamorous yet treacherous world of the Philippine fashion industry and takes her on a journey towards self-knowledge, empowerment, forgiveness, and the possibility of true love.

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