World of Warships rings in the new year with U.S. Aircraft Carriers

World of Warships is going full steam ahead into 2024 with U.S. Aircraft Carriers coming to Early Access, plenty of in-game events, and the return of hololive production

Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the leading naval battle MMO World of Warships, is kicking off the New Year with a new line of U.S. Aircraft Carriers in Early Access. The game’s first update of 2024 also sees the continued construction of Italian cruiser Michelangelo in the Dockyard, a new take on Bounty Hunt, and the return of popular hololive production collaboration content. As well as a return of Ranked Battles and Brawls.

U.S. Aircraft Carriers land in Early Access

Kicking off Update 13.0 is a new line of U.S. Aircraft Carriers in Early Access, adding three new ships, Tier VI Independence, Tier VIII Yorktown, and Tier X Essex. This range of ships play differently, as they are limited to one standard squadron, the torpedo bombers supplemented with two tactical squadrons consisting of attack and dive bomber aircraft. Starting at Tier VIII, the tactical squadrons are equipped with the new Smoke Curtain Generator consumable, allowing them to bring a new tactical depth in battle.

To mark this new line, a special U.S. Aircraft Carriers event will be taking place. Progressing through 20 levels of daily and weekly missions, players can unlock an array of rewards including commemorative flags, camouflages, and Containers. But it doesn’t end there, as players will have the option to unlock an additional progression line packed with 20 more levels.

Bounty Hunt, Brawls and Battles galore!

The latest iteration of the Bounty Hunt event is set to return to the game from 1 February 2024. Packed with plenty of rewards, four new achievements, major changes, and access to the Star Emissaries collection, this version is not to be missed! Available via random bundles, players can unlock a number of bonuses and Star Emissaries content including two different ships, STAR Kitakaze and STAR Edinburgh, and two Commanders each equipped with 10 skill points.

Update 13.0 welcomes Season 15 and the return of Ranked Battles on 10 January, and three new Brawls commence from 15 January. As always, Brawls will see varying rule sets to challenge the most daring of teams in their pursuit of naval dominance!

For those looking to complete something a bit less combative and a bit more constructive, the building continues at the Sestri Ponente Dockyard, rewarding dedicated players with Tier IX Italian cruiser Michelangelo.

Hololive production returns to World of Warships

As part of Update 13.0, World of Warships welcomes back hololive production to the game with a resale of top content! Popular VTubers such as Shishiro Botan, Moona Hoshinova, Takanashi Kiara, Watson Amelia and more will once again be available as Commanders, ready to lead fleets to victory. Running for two weeks from February 2, 2024, the resale will also include consumable skins, flags, and a camo bundle for hololive production fans to enjoy.