World of Warships: Legends rolls into 2024 with a new update and celebrates Blitz’s 6th anniversary

A new campaign and updates reign in the new year for World of Warships: Legends, as World of Warships Blitz also hits its 6th anniversary with discounts and additions

Wargaming, the developer and publisher of the leading naval multiplayer console game World of Warships: Legends, has delivered its first update of the year. Legends players will experience a new campaign with the lurking Tier VII destroyer Jäger, wave five of the Azur Lane collaboration, a milestone Ranked Battles season, two ship lines joining full access, and more content on the horizon. Meanwhile, World of Warships Blitz will celebrate 6 years with new ships and in-game events to enjoy.

The Danubian Pearl Campaign features the Pan-European destroyer

Across 5 weeks, the 100-stage milestone, which will have a catch-up mechanic for those who complete it with Admiralty Backing active, will grant players the Pan-European Tier VII destroyer Jäger. This new ship comes with rapid reloading and fast torpedoes, coupled with solid concealment and access to Repair Party: a solid addition to the varied ranks of Pan-European vessels.

World of Warships: Blitz celebrates 6 action-packed years

Starting on January 18, World of Warships: Blitz will begin its 6th-anniversary celebrations, with the unique French Tier VI Premium cruiser Dupleix coming in the game. The British Tier X Premium Aircraft Carrier Eagle will also be possibly obtainable, via keys awarded from in-game events. Alongside this, a bounty of premium ships have been added at a discounted rate, a reworked tutorial for new players arrives, and further updates make this the biggest anniversary celebration so far.

Wave 5 of Azur Lane collaboration arrives in Legends

The player-favourite Azur Lane collaboration returns to the high seas once again! This time it will be featuring as many as 5 new Commanders: Bismarck, Cheshire, Colorado, Sovetskaya Rossiya, and Zara, flanked by three new themed ships and two skins, based on these characters. Spiced up with the new crate, the collaboration will be active between January 15 and February 19.

French heavy cruisers and German alternate destroyers join the full ship roster

The arrival of Tier VIII F. Schultz for German destroyers, and Brest for French cruisers, signifies the availability of these alternative branches of the tech tree to all players. German destroyers are closer in terms of gameplay to small cruisers, whilst French navy additions boast high calibre and speed.

Ranked Battles celebrate milestone season number 50

With the usual array of prizes, seasons 49 to 51 will be available to players during this update. Depending on the season, high-tier battles – Tier VI, VII, and VIII respectively – will come with explosive gameplay as the captains show off their skill in a fast-paced 3 vs. 3 environment to blast through the ranks.

This update also brings several bug fixes and upgrades across the game. You can find the full patch notes here.