World of Warships: Legends kicks off 4th anniversary celebrations

A salute to four years of sailing on the high seas with plenty of new ships, the debut of Training Mode and another classic campaign in this July Legends update

Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the leading naval MMO World of Warships is kicking off the festivities for the fourth anniversary of its console edition World of Warships: Legends. To celebrate four years since launch, the game introduces plenty of in-game activities, alongside Treasure Hunt web event, as well as tons of totally free gifts to unlock. In addition to the birthday festivities, this update welcomes a brand-new Training Mode, a classic campaign with a Tier VIII Italian Premium battleship waiting at the end and three new seasons of Ranked Battles!

An anniversary on the high seas

To celebrate four years, World of Warships: Legends is gifting players plenty of activities and in-game content to dive into. A new look of the Treasure Hunt web event awaits, with keys to be found across gameplay and missions, this time available for completion without spending doubloons. These keys can be used to open cells that contain plenty of prizes, including a special fourth anniversary currency called Quadrans. In exchange for Quadrans, players can unlock dedicated anniversary items including different ships, such as Tier VII Premium American cruiser Congress and British Tier V battleship Repulse.

On top of this, players can also acquire the highly desirable Super V Crate, which guarantees a Premium ship to those who unlock it. Exclusive to this сrate is Japanese Tier V destroyer Shinonome. Another specialty сrate, Super VI, also comes in this update, with plenty of other special ships waiting to be discovered, with the likes of Belfast and Yukikaze among those. To wrap up all the birthday bonuses, players can also pick up the “Seasoned Veteran” bundle. Featuring an exclusive edition of Soviet Premium Tier II cruiser Oleg, this bundle contains plenty of in-game goodies.

Test the waters in Training Mode

Brand new from this update is the introduction of a Training Mode, available to all players. This customisable practice area creates a space to strategize for battle, without the risk of losing any in-game resources. With an array of maps, scenarios and durations to choose from, as well as bots with various settings available, players can trial new action plans before going head-to-head with the foe.

A brand-new campaign and the return of Ranked Battles

Closing out this update comes a fresh, classic Legends campaign. The five-week, 100-milestone “Dies Irae” offers those who answer the challenge the impressive Premium Italian Tier VIII battleship Giuseppe Verdi, available with Admiralty Backing active. On top of the campaign, World of Warships: Legends also sees the first of three seasons of Ranked Battles make its way to the game from July 28. Ships spanning Tier IV-VI, barring aircraft carriers, can get into the action, depending on the seasons, and fight for the number one spot to take home the glory and plenty of prizes.