World of Warships: Legends Arrives on Mobile

The action-packed gameplay of World of Warships: Legends comes to mobile devices, alongside a brand-new cosmic event, new Japanese cruisers, and another classic campaign

Wargaming, developer and publisher of leading naval battle MMO World of Warships, is bringing larger-than-life battles to touchscreens worldwide with the global release of World of Warships: Legends on mobile devices. Available for free via Google Play and the Apple App Store, players can dive into compact combat with the arrival of the new update. In tandem with this exciting launch, Legends delivers the brand-new Planet Clash event packed with cosmic content, four new Japanese cruisers in Early Access, and another classic five-week campaign with Pan-European Premium battleship waiting at the end.

A truly Legendary launch on mobile!

Making a splash from this spring update onward, players around the world can dive deeper into the World of Warships universe than ever before: Legends on Mobile empowers players to experience all the action-packed combat of World of Warships: Legends on the palms of their hands. Free-to-play and available on both Android and iOS, the mobile edition of Legends is engineered to facilitate crossplay and cross-progression for both Xbox and PlayStation, and it features intuitive and easy touchscreen controls for smooth sailing. Mobile players can look forward to beautifully detailed maps, hundreds of hyper-realistic models of 20th century ships, and immersive effects. With almost all ship types available at launch, players can assemble their own unique armada and set out on a mission to conquer the high seas.

Evgeniy Shukin, publishing director of World of Warships: Legends adds: “We wanted to deliver the best experience possible for our players, who are passionate about our game and cannot wait to get home to enjoy a few games. With cross-progression in place, players can now advance their favorite ship lines even while on their way to work.”

World of Warships: Legends on Mobile can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Sea-ing stars with the Planet Clash event

The brand-new Planet Clash cosmic event is set to make gravitational waves in Legends. It sees players compete in a unique PvE mode that gets progressively more difficult as different tasks are completed. Captains who want to take on this intergalactic adventure can select from one of three themed ships that feature their own unique abilities, including “Orbital Strike” and “Electromagnetic Pulse,” as well as dedicated Commanders who are ready to take the helm. Throughout the event, players can earn a limited-time currency, Stellar Chips, which can be used to purchase a stellar array of event items, including a ship, camouflages, and several Commander guises.

Japanese cruisers enter Early Access and more!

March also welcomes four Japanese light cruisers in Early Access, and another five-week, 100-milestone campaign also sails into the game. Available via Japanese Cruisers crates, the light cruisers span Tier IV to VII. These formidable vessels come with a dedicated Calendar that offers plenty of rewards, including a special Japanese Commander.

The new “Sveriges Sällhet” campaign also offers one more enviable ship to add to players’ navies. Waiting at the end of the five weeks sits Pan-European Tier VIII Premium battleship Karl XIV Johan as a glorious prize, ready to take to the seas.

This update also delivers a number of bug fixes and upgrades across the game. You can find the full patch notes here.