World of Tanks Blitz Launches a Planetary-Scale Event Inspired by Dune: Part Two Film

The World of Tanks Blitz team is excited to announce a special collaboration with Legendary Entertainment. As the world eagerly anticipates the release of the epic film Dune: Part Two on March 1st, World of Tanks Blitz invites tankers to go beyond fear and experience the adventure of Dune with a special planetary-scale event, Dune: Part Two. From now until March 7th, players will be able to grab exclusive in-game content inspired by the Dune universe: a specially designed tank, static and animated avatars, exclusive camouflages, spectacular skins, collectible items, profile backgrounds, and more.

The event unfolds across 60 stages, each presenting distinct missions, special quests, Dune containers, and themed rewards. On the 6th stage of the event, tankers will experience the Fremen quest that offers unique rewards such as Crysknife and Maker hooks collectible items, alongside the esteemed Fremen house logo avatar. Another exclusive quest, “The Beast” Rabban, awaits players at stage 45, where tankers can acquire avatars for the Harkonnen house and the character “Beast” Rabban. This quest also unlocks the mysterious “Sand and Spice” camo.

The journey continues as players progress through the event stages; they can get the great warrior Gurney Halleck, a troubadour and smuggler, as a profile background and avatar. Additionally, players can obtain his signature musical instrument, the Baliset, as a collectible item.

The ultimate reward of the Dune: Part Two event is the formidable Groundtank, a creation inspired by the Sardaukar forces. This tank is ruthless and armored to perfection, with a force shield that reacts dynamically to hits, as seen in the film!

For Steam players only, an exclusive Bene Gesserit Pack is available, featuring the Lady Jessica profile background, Bene Gresserit epic avatar, and a collection of other valuable in-game resources. To heighten the atmosphere of epic collaboration, a special Ornithopter Garage Gear eagerly awaits players in their garage.

Additionally, a spectacular Harvester skin for the Maus tank will be available in special bundles.

For more information and to join the adventure, follow the link here: