Samsung redefines comfort and sustainability with WindFree™ Tech

Samsung’s air conditioning innovation infuses comfort, sustainability, and top-tier technology into Filipino homes

In a tropical country with immense heat and humidity, air conditioning has become a household necessity. But the Philippines also has one of the highest electricity rates in the region, and a combination of the summer heat and the need to keep cool can be a heavy burden to Filipinos.

Samsung, the world’s leading innovative technology company, offers a groundbreaking, sustainable, and comfortable way for Filipino families to keep cool with WindFree™ Technology.

“The heat in the Philippines can be unbearable especially during the warmer months. In fact, almost all homes have ACs for this reason. However, we want Filipinos to transform their homes into spaces that offer utmost comfort and value, and our WindFree™ innovation helps them achieve this,” Kim German, Samsung Head Product Manager for AC, said.

WindFree™ Technology also releases air evenly into the space, optimizing AC performance and saving 77% of energy consumption, an innovation that is easy on the pockets especially against high electricity bills.

Samsung offers a wide variety of WindFree™ models catered to the needs of every home, such as the S-Inverter, WindFree™ SmartThings, WindFree™ BESPOKE and WindFree™ ActivClean.S-Inverter cools the room 43% faster for optimal comfort; WindFree™ ActivClean works as an air purifier, keeping both the air-conditioner and the air 99% clean; and WindFree™ SmartThings allows users to control their AC and monitor energy savings using a smartphone while automatically adjusting settings according to usage patterns and room conditions.

For those looking for a certain model that harmonizes with the aesthetic of their space,  WindFree™ BESPOKE comes in  Midnight Black, Morning Blue* and Metallic Silver** while also providing the best features of a WindFree™ air conditioner.

Samsung’s WindFree™ ACs are also perfect for Filipinos upgrading into smart homes, ensuring ease of use and more control for users. Now compatible with SmartThings, a free app that uses Wi-Fi to connect smart devices built on the Matter protocol, families can control their settings, and monitor their energy savings and usage with just their smartphones. It is also powered by artificial intelligence (AI), making them capable of studying usage patterns and room conditions, and can adjust accordingly.

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*Morning Blue is exclusive to and Ansons

**Metallic Silver is exclusive to SM