No More Tired Wrists with the Logitech Wave Keys

It’s no secret that sitting incorrectly or with a bad posture for too long can strain your back and neck. It can even make your legs feel numb and tingly at times. It’s the same thing with your wrists when you’re typing — they can get really tired and achy. It’s possible that your typing struggles aren’t your fault, but instead, your keyboard’s.

Luckily for you, Logitech, the world leader in PC and gaming peripherals, has designed a specialized keyboard that addresses this exact issue while still ensuring efficiency at your work. Introducing the Logitech Wave Keys, the ergonomic solution to your typing needs.


Why go ergo?

What’s the difference between a standard keyboard and an ergonomically-engineered one you ask? For starters, the health benefits it brings are invaluable in the long run. Work accessories specifically designed to conform around the body’s natural curve and positions, elevate not only the user’s comfort but also work performance.

Long work sessions that involve a lot of typing can take a toll on the body. If left overlooked, it can potentially lead to medical issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or strain injuries.

Based on a study from RationalStat, as individuals of all age groups spend more time on their computers, their ergonomic needs increase by a rate of 4.6% over the next seven years. This reinforces the necessity for ergonomic solutions, like the Logitech Wave Keys, for computer users on the clock to make workflows sustainable.

That’s not all. According to Dr. Peter Johnson, an Emeritus Professor at the University of Washington who specializes in ergonomics, the use of keyboards with curved keys can greatly improve wrist posture.

These keyboards are designed to fit the natural triangle formed by the left and right hands, resulting in a more comfortable typing experience. This is why health professionals recommend these as they better match the natural and complex geometry of our bodies and put less strain on our muscles than regular rectangular keyboards.

Logitech not only develops high-end gaming gear and PC accessories but also prioritizes user comfort and health. The Logitech Waves Key was developed and tested with The Logi Ergo Lab and certified ergonomic with the stamp of approval by the United States Ergonomics, making it an intuitive and superior keyboard.

 What Logitech Wave Keys offers

The Wave Keys features a signature wave design in a compact layout for a comfier typing experience that does not require relearning how to type, as well as an integrated, three-layer cushioned palm rest for day-long support.

Wave Keys’ unique wave shape places hands, wrists and forearms in a natural typing position, and the integrated cushioned palm rest gives more wrist support throughout the day. With its space-saving frame, it even allows your arms and shoulders to grip your mouse in a position that feels more natural. Its compact layout fits many home or office desks, with three classic colorways — Graphite, Off-White and Rose — to complement and spruce up your workspace.

Wave Keys support a more natural hand and wrist position while typing, which leads to less strain and soreness. You can type for hours without the pain in your wrists or fingers. The Wave Keys aren’t just about comfort; it can also increase efficiency. By providing a more comfortable typing experience, users can work longer and more productively without experiencing the usual wrist fatigue.

There is no better investment in life than your health. A simple change in your usual workflow could bring about great benefits in the future.

Start the change today with the Logitech Wave Keys.

Available online and at local shops

The Wave Keys are available at all partner retail outlets — PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, Octagon, Electroworld, Complink, iTech, Techwarez, GameOne, Interpace Computer Systems, GameXtreme, TTI, DynaQuest PC, Digi-Serv Solutions, Concept Computer, NUTECH, DFE (Davao Futurebright Enterprises), Villman, PCWorx, Abenson, Digistore, and Greenware.

For more information about the Wave Keys and other Logitech products, please visit Logitech’s official website. You can also visit Shopee, Lazada, or the official Facebook page to learn more.