Discovering Durability at an Affordable Price with OPPO A18

OPPO lives up to its promise of reliability at an accessible price point. The OPPO A18 emerges as a dependable choice for those searching for a handy smartphone built for extended usage. Its commendable durability and practical IP rating make it apt for everyday scenarios.

Enduring Quality

When in the pursuit of looking for a new phone, the search for a device that seamlessly combines durability with affordability goes on. The OPPO A18 promises to deliver on both fronts, assuring users of aesthetics and durability – all at a budget-friendly price. Meticulously engineered and subjected to rigorous stress testing, this phone comes out as a durable companion, ready to endure the challenges of everyday life.

After a series of strict tests, this device has been subjected to tests to ensure its durability and endurance. The IP54 dust and water resistance rating ensures protection against water splashes and dust exposure commonly occurring in daily usage.

It also has endured 20,000 USB Plug-In Stress Tests, proving the durability of its charging port. Additionally, it has passed 150,000 Volume Button Stress Tests and 500,000 Power Button Stress Tests, guaranteeing the longevity and resilience of its buttons even after usage over time.

Unfaltering Experience

With the OPPO A18, it guarantees a 36-month fluency, delivering a consistent performance that remains unfaltering even three years post-purchase. This device is your perfect companion for uninterrupted scrolling, capturing precious moments, streaming content, and easily handling various tasks. Its intelligent technology guarantees sustained smoothness, coupled with ample memory and storage space to accommodate all your needs.

It is backed by an impressive 5000mAh Large Battery, which lets users carry on without battery worries. Whether navigating through a packed day, immersing in gaming adventures, or leisurely scrolling through social media, this reliable battery life ensures uninterrupted usage. Enjoy boundless freedom as this battery capacity gives the phone adequate power to function when needed. 

 Enjoy the Present with OPPO 

The OPPO A18 is available at PHP 5,999 but you can get it at just PHP 5,499 in-store (PHP 500 OFF) from December 1 to December 10, 2023 when you purchase in OPPO offline stores. Spread holiday cheer and enjoy exclusive promos when you purchase OPPO smartphones this Christmas. Make the most out of special discounts and freebies, exclusive benefits and gifts, and exciting festivities until January 7, 2024 for a merrier, more meaningful celebration.
To know more about OPPO’s A18 and the rest of the A Series, visit the official website or OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.