Content Creators Commandeer the High Seas in World of Warships: Legends’s February Update

MoistCr1TiKaL, Ludwig, Courage and more join brand-new Creatorverse collaboration, alongside a new campaign with a powerful German cruiser waiting at its end, and two new Bureau projects to research

Wargaming, the developer and publisher of leading naval multiplayer game World of Warships, is welcoming fresh new spring content for its console title World of Warships: Legends. At the helm of this content update is the addition of the Creatorverse, bringing five major content creators to the game with specially designed Commander guises. March’s update also welcomes a classic Legends-style campaign rewarding players with a Tier VIII German Premium cruiser, and two Legendary Tier ships make waves in the Bureau.

Enter the Creatorverse

The World of Warships team provided full creative control to the famed creators CouRageJD, MoistCr1TiKaL, Ludwig, Nadeshot, and Sapnap to introduce their own camouflage, flag, and fully voiced Commanders, both on PC and on World of Warships: Legends, the console version. Starting on February 19th with MoistCr1TiKaL, each week until March 25th a new commander will be available on this landing page for new players.

Players with existing accounts will be able to purchase all Creatorverse content starting on February 19th. In World of Warships: Legends, each creator’s guise will be available through dedicated missions or in the Store, starting February 19th, with “Trending” crates packed with the specially-crafted ship skins, and more goods.

Unlock Tier VIII Premium cruiser Admiral Schröder in The Lion of Flanders campaign

Following the classic campaign structure of 100 milestones spread across five weeks, The Lion of Flanders campaign comes to Legendary waters. Equipped with a catch-up mechanic in place, players with active Admiralty Backing who complete this campaign will be rewarded handsomely for their work with German Tier VIII Premium cruiser Admiral Schröder. Sporting a substantial secondary battery and equipped with powerful armour-piercing shells, good base speed and excellent survivability and armour for a cruiser, Admiral Schröder is worth the work.

Two new Bureau Projects

Closing out the latest Legends update are two new ships sailing into the Bureau. American Legendary Tier battleship Vermont and German Legendary Tier destroyer Z-52 will be both available to research and unlock, with Vermont joining the fray on February 26. Vermont offers robust pool of hit points, alongside significant firepower – equipped with 12 18-inch guns and above average armour-piercing shell damage. Z-52 brings a more holistic combat approach to the Bureau. This ship features rapid-reloading guns, fast torpedoes which have one of the highest reload speed for Legendary destroyers, and a reasonable hit point pool.

Plus, St. Patrick’s Day festivities start from March 4, bringing the luck of the Irish to the game, alongside three new seasons of Arena Battles to dominate.