A Whole New Way to Make Epic Experiences with AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Series on Globe Plans

A fresh and effortless way to connect, create and play for a whole new level of epic experiences await subscribers with AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Series on Globe Postpaid Plans.

Explore the Galaxy of Unique Features and Make AI Work for You                 

Life with AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Series transforms ordinary moments to extraordinary and its game-changing features make you wonder how you have ever lived without it. The epic digital life is yours for the taking with Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Globe offers attractive and flexible postpaid plans and bundles, amplifying your sense of limitless possibilities.

Unravel the Secrets of Being a Digital Genius                

Globe GPlan enables you to avail of the highly-coveted Samsung Galaxy S24 Series that can boost up and create more color for your life given its premium and genius features:

 A Revolutionary Way to Search with Circle to Search. You can use the S pen or your fingertips to simply circle images you stumble upon from social media or photos taken from your device to get Google Search results. It’s a superb way to quickly get an answer about what’s encircled in the image: be it an interesting object, artwork, bag of the moment, landmark and just about everything else, without leaving your feed;

Break Language Barriers, Choose Live Translate for Seamlessly Engaging with Anyone, Anywhere. Getting directions, exchanging views and ideas, working on projects, sharing memorable moments, and touching hearts come easily with anyone at your global workplace and when you travel anywhere around the globe through Live Translate (real-time translation).  Live Translate instantly converts messages via call and SMS, Viber or messaging app to your chosen language and when you reply back in your own language, it will be translated on their end, too, as long as you’re using the Samsung keyboard. It’s now easier to instantly connect and engage with friends and colleagues from around the world.

Bring on Your A-Game to Social Media Platforms as You Effortlessly Take and Edit Photos and Videos. Samsung Galaxy S24’s premium and best in class AI-camera featuring Nightography and AI-enhanced Zoom enables you to create stunning and standout social media photos and reels that have amazing colors and extreme details. Whether it’s a close-up, night time or distant shot, you’ll feel like a pro as you take impressive images and videos. Make use of your boundless imagination and creativity through the AI-powered photo and video generative editing app. It lets you easily resize, retouch, change the background and relocate and adjust objects and fill in the space they left behind as you see fit.

Power Up Your Game Time On-the-Go The enhanced performance, longer battery life, advanced cooling system and hyper-realistic gaming visuals of Samsung Galaxy S24 let you have an epic and immersive gaming experience on-the-go with your network gaming buddies.

Can It Get Cooler Than that?         

Yes, you can get rid of FOMO (fear of missing out) when you get one of the attractive offers and bundles of Globe Postpaid Plans putting a spotlight on the “it” smart mobile device –- the must-have Samsung Galaxy S24 Series renowned for its premium AI innovation. Amp up your lifestyle with GPlan or Platinum GPlan that suits your needs.

Globe Postpaid Plans heralding the Samsung Galaxy S24 series showcases flexible and longer cash-out of up to 36 months lock-up for both new and existing customers to avail of light and easy monthly installments.

If you’re a current Globe Postpaid Plan subscriber but still within lock-up (with remaining 6 months to go before the end of your contract) and really want to get your hands on the latest Galaxy S24 device, good news because Globe’s got you covered! You can avail the early renewal offer today. You may visit – https://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid/early-renewal to apply now.

Globe Trade In and Gadget Xchange are Globe Innovations for a More Empowered Life            

Value for your money has never been this good with Globe. You can easily afford to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S24 when you trade in your old Samsung flagship device and get cashback for additional savings on your Globe bill. Get an additional top-up amount from Samsung worth up to P16,000 when you trade in your old phone via Globe Stores or online. Globe (through their partner, CompAsia) will assess your phone’s trade-in value and as soon as the trade-in is complete, your total trade-in value (assessed value of the old phone plus, the additional trade-up token from Samsung) will be reflected on your Globe Postpaid bill as cashback. Trade in now via :https://ph.getinstacash.com/globe/

As part of Globe Innovations for an empowered digital lifestyle, you are entitled to a free three-month Gadget Xchange** subscription worth P1,497 when you avail of the Globe Postpaid Plan with Samsung Galaxy S24. Isn’t that amazing? No more worries for a smooth digital lifestyle. In case of damaged device screen, loss or theft or if you fancy a replacement for the same model with a different color or same price range, the free Gadget Xchange program provides you with the critical support. It’s like having insurance similar for your car or house. To learn more, go to https://new.globe.com.ph/gadget-xchange  

Choose Globe Platinum Plans to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Experience

For digital nomads, tech savvy executives and those on-the-go like you and your friends, the Watch Bundle comprised of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung Watch6 (40mm, LTE capable) is heroized as the topnotch choice for the Globe Platinum Plan. Synch your schedules and share your active lifestyle and fun moments together when you enjoy all-month surf, priority stocks and delivery, access to THEA, the Platinum digital concierge and a range of exclusive perks and benefits exclusively available for Globe Platinum subscribers. You may also opt to avail of the OneNumber199 – the new eSIM technology that allows you to easily connect your smartwatch to your mobile phone.

Per DTI Permits: *Globe Quarter 1 Trade in Promo: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-183282 Series of 2023, valid from January 1 to March 31, 2024. **Globe Postpaid and Globe Platinum Free Three-Month Gadget Xchange promo: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-184292 Series of 2024, valid from January 22 to March 31, 2024.

Globe Plans makes it easy for you to live an epic life with AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 series. To learn more and find out how to avail of the Globe Plans, go to the nearest Globe Telecoms store or visit: https://new.globe.com.ph/brands/samsung-galaxy