Working on a few style tweaks around your home can enhance the positive energy in your space

Let’s admit it, one way or another, we want to look into the different ways of attracting luck and good vibes into our home. There’s no harm in trying anyway. If you believe in the principles of feng shui, you’ll know that mirrors are used for enhancing the positive energy in a space.

That said, there are a few things you need to consider when it comes to placing them so you can maintain that good qi.

Here are some pointers for how you should display mirrors, according to a feng shui practitioner from Home Heart Feng Shui:

Light 2 Residences Dressed Up Unit, Artist’s Perspective 

Hang them at the right height.

“When looking in the mirror you don’t want to have to stand on your toes and feel awkward or uncomfortable—your mirror should welcome you into it,” she says.  Avoid hanging it so high that you risk “cutting off someone’s head” with it, which could reduce its positive energy instead of enhancing it. 

Place them in the entryway.

Mirrors in the entryway are good feng shui because they can brighten and open up the space. But, the practitioner notes, “Just make sure that it’s not placed directly opposite the front door otherwise all that positive energy entering the home can bounce right back out!”

Add one to your home office. If the layout of your working space doesn’t allow you to directly face the entrance (which is good feng shui), using a mirror to reflect the door instead can give you energy-enhancing perks.

Always have them reflect nice things.

“Mirrors should always reflect something nice because they multiply the energy of whatever they reflect,” she explains. You can opt to have it reflect artwork, flowers, or the view from your window, but never items like a garbage can or any kind of clutter.

Don’t hesitate to cover your closet in them.

Placing mirrors in the bedroom isn’t advisable in feng shui since they tend to bounce energy around the room. However, the feng shui practitioner says you can go all out with them in your closet without any issue!

Aside from taking note of these tips, don’t forget that your home’s location also plays a role in the kind of energy in your home. According to an article on The Spruce, “a clean, well-lit main entry of an apartment building in a safe, friendly location is always a wise choice.”

Reflecting Light, Attracting Good Fortune

Mirrors have often been used in feng shui because they invite energy into space. They reflect light, making any space look larger and more spacious. Both light and space invite good qi as they reflect expanse which is associated with wealth and prosperity.

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SMDC Light 2 Residences, located along the Mandaluyong stretch of EDSA, is sure to be an iconic landmark that provides that brilliance along this vital thoroughfare.

The lobby’s elegant but welcoming vibe exudes light and space with its white marble stones, neutral color palette, and mirrors complementing light wood finishes, reflective materials and accents, to attract good qi.

The property’s location flows directly into Metro Manila’s major CBDs –

Makati, the Ortigas Area, Taguig City, and Quezon City – providing easy access to business, employment, and livelihood opportunities.

Light 2 Mall at Light 2 Residences, Artist’s Perspective

This sprawling development will provide its residents with instant access to an expansive retail development, Light Mall, which currently has restaurants for dine-in or take-away, and the soon-to-rise Light 2 Residences Mall, which will boast of two stories of fashion, beauty, specialty shops, and more restaurants. Together, they will make the biggest retail area available in any SMDC residential property.


With choices of Studio, 1BR, and 2BR units, Light 2 Residences is ideal for upwardly mobile individuals who value time and convenience and enjoy pursuing varied interests.

Amplify the positive energy you’re channeling by settling down in a home in a good location. A bustling neighborhood where everything is within your reach can help you savor a fortune-filled and worry-free life.

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