When it’s Time to Upgrade to Split or Floor Standing AC by OX Air Conditioner

There are times when you make unplanned purchases, like buying an appliance because it is a good buy. One good buy is to upgrade your air conditioning unit from a window type to a split or floor type unit.

“It is crucial for us to continually enhance the cooling experience, especially with our unpredictable weather patterns,” said Raymond Lim, owner of Ox Air Conditioner PH.

OX Air Conditioner’s Split Type Model OX-W09-PVF, the ideal home air conditioner.

While the installation process for split and floor type units may appear more involved compared to traditional window units, OX offers the opportunity to purchase a split type unit for only 1 HP at SRP of 27,799, representing a small investment while enjoying more than 60% in energy savings with anti-corrosion features and more copper content for better cold- heat exchange efficiency. This ensures superior comfort, enhanced energy savings, and an overall better cooling experience.

Also, by upgrading to a more energy-efficient cooling solution reduces carbon footprint and contributes to environmental sustainability. As we also encounter challenges with climate change worldwide, every effort to minimize energy consumption is crucial in mitigating its impact.

With reports indicating that the weather will continue to be unstable, Filipinos are urged to prepare for discomfort and proactively address associated health concerns. OX Air Conditioner PH is committed to meeting the needs of its customers. “We stand by you, OKS sa OX, when you choose to upgrade,” reassures Lim, emphasizing the company’s dedication to enhancing the AC experience while maintaining quality and affordability.


OX Air Conditioners brings in the most affordable yet cost-efficient air conditioners in the market to catering to the ever-demanding competitions that the economy faces. Founded by Raymond Lim in 2019, the brand has been supplying an array of aircon units to both business and direct consumers in the Philippines.

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