Turn Up Summer Fun with the Coolest Vacation at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Enjoy your family getaways with a magical adventure with beloved Disney Friends, Pixar Pals, Disney Princesses and Queens, and Duffy and Friends

The long-awaited school break is finally here, and it is time for nonstop summer fun, cool moments, and exciting adventures with friends at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. From June 22 to September 1, dive into the summer season at the resort with fan favorite characters, including Mickey and Friends, Stitch and Angel, Disney Princesses and Queens, Pixar Pals, and Duffy and Friends. Together you can cool off with water parties, go on thrilling adventures, and create memories during this fun-filled summer celebration. Join the much-awaited “Pixar Water Play Street Party!” as Anger* from the Pixar Animation Studios Inside Out films explodes into Hong Kong Disneyland for the first time; enjoy the “Adventure is Out There!” stage show with the new addition of Disney Animation’s Rapunzel and The Snuggly Duckling. To elevate the summer fun, the resort is bringing you a smashing lineup of brand-new cool delicacies, themed merchandise, and hotel experiences!

Embark on a magical summer experience with your favorite Disney Friends

Embrace the essence of summer vacation by celebrating with friends, just as you would at summer camp! This year, our Disney Friends will amplify the joy of summer with you.

Anger’s Debut at “Pixar Water Play Street Party!”

Stay cool and refreshed with Pixar Pals at the “Pixar Water Play Street Party!” when the summer heat hits, and immerse yourself in a water-filled adventure reminiscent of summer camp! With the new release of Pixar’s Inside Out 2, Anger will make his debut on July 11 at Hong Kong Disneyland with Joy and Sadness, adding an exciting twist to the cool party with splashes of water. More beloved Pixar Pals will make a comeback for the party, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Bo Peep from Toy Story; Carl and Dug from Up; and Mr & Mrs Incredible, Frozone, and Edna Mode from The Incredibles. And don’t forget to join the Toy Soldiers at Toy Soldier Boot Camp for even more fun.

Venture out with Mickey and Friends in adventure looks

The adventurous Mickey Mouse invites you all to join the refreshed “Adventure is Out There!” stage show. Rapunzel is joining the adventure for the very first time, bringing guests to a new destination, The Snuggly Duckling, where the ruffians share their dreams and aspiration with guests by singing “I’ve Got a Dream,” from Tangled. Accompanied by Goofy, Russell from Up, Disney Animation’s Moana, and Stitch, you won’t be able to stop smiling this summer with thanks to these adventure-loving characters. Sing and dance together at the summer edition of the “Follow Your Dreams” castle stage show, where you can bravely pursue your dreams just like Mickey and Friends!

For more amusement with the adorable friends Stitch, also known as experiment 626, and Angel, be sure to celebrate his big day on June 26. Seize the chance to meet them in person in Tomorrowland from June 23-29 in celebration of International Stitch Day, and draw Stitch at Animation Academy from June 23 to July 13!

Enchanting Celebrations with Disney Princesses and Queens

If you want to party like royalty, who better to join than the Disney Princesses and Queens! As the citizens of Arendelle come together to celebrate Queen Anna’s birthday, join the Royal Arendellian Troubadours and the Royal Court Conjuror at the celebration from June 22 to Sept 1, “making today a perfect day” during your summer vacation.

From August 1 to 31, in celebration of Princess Month, you will have the chance to join our beloved princesses and Queens as they tour from the Castle of Magical Dreams to Fantasy Gardens. You may also find Princesses in Adventureland, where you can brush up on royal etiquette.

Cherish friendship with Duffy and Friends’ Friend·versary

CookieAnn, Gelatoni, StellaLou and LinaBell from the beloved Duffy and Friends will celebrate their anniversary at Hong Kong Disneyland during summertime, each of them will have a Friend·versary celebration* with Duffy at Main Street, U.S.A., don’t miss to celebrate with this group of adorable friends and cheer for their friendship!

Show your spirit by dressing up in Disney Friends-themed outfits

Try on the team Disney Friends-themed outfits to show your team spirit! This year there are seven brand-new series of merchandise for all fans to enjoy!

Pixar fans can welcome classic and new characters from the much anticipated Inside Out 2 movie by teaming up in the all-new themed apparel, headwear, and plush. Do not miss out the new photo spot at Emporium, where you can capture the “memory orb” that represents your emotions with a selfie at “control console.”

Mickey and Friends fans will enjoy the new apparel, pins, and mystery keychain set which includes 8 different designs from the classic Cute Mickey and Friends Collection which is exclusively available at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Show your love for Stitch when you meet him in person by wearing the accessories and bringing the plush from the new Stitch Day celebration series!

All-new Princess-themed dresses and accessories are a must-get for team Princesses! Be sure to send a special edition postcard released exclusively for Queen Anna’s birthday to your loved ones with the new themed stamp.

Get your hands on the all-new Duffy and Friends Collection and ‘Olu Mel Summer Collection to capture the team spirit of Duffy and Friends, including apparel, accessories, and more, celebrating Friend-versary with your friends.

Do not miss out on the Beat the Heat series, featuring Cooling wear, beachwear, hats, sunglasses, portable electric fans, and flip-flops for your best dressed summer yet!

Pamper yourself with themed summer delicacies

Pamper yourself with a variety of mouthwatering summer delicacies. No matter which character is your favorite, you will find delicious themed treats across the resort. Try tasting the brand-new Inside Out 2-themed snacks at the park, such as the dessert lollipop and flavored popcorn designed with the distinctive features of each friend in mind, as well as Inside Out 2-themed drinks at the resort hotels’ table service restaurants.

To eat like royalty, try the photo-perfect blueberry yogurt cake shaped like Anna’s birthday cake at Northern Delights, or the themed cupcakes at Royal Banquet Hall in August. Fans of Duffy and Friends will fall in love with the special drink and cheese tart at the resort’s hotels, and the pastries and ‘Olu Mel white grape soft serve in the park.

Level up friendships with a summer sleepover

To elevate your friendships, book a sleepover at the resort hotels to make the most out of your summer time at the happiest place on earth, and enjoy recreational activities such as the Summer Splash Poolside Party, Moana Poolside Leisure Times, Ariel’s Royal Poolside Court, themed arts & crafts workshops, and more! Starting from August 9, Marvel fans can also stay at the brand-new Marvel-themed guest room at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel for a true Super Hero experience.

Turn up with all your friends for an extremely cool summer vacation at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort! Pre-order the Early Park Entry Pass or Disney Premier Access to beat the heat!

*Please refer to Appendix for more details of Duffy and Friends’ Friend·versary