Top 3 trendy college programs to pursue at Mapúa this 2024

Choosing a college degree can be overwhelming for just about anybody. To help speed up your decision-making, you might want to include these trendy degree programs Mapúa University recommended in your shortlist. The country’s premier engineering and technological school has always been a purveyor of innovative and specialized academic programs to fill the skills gap in industries and build a plethora of future-ready Filipino professionals.

Alodia Hernaez, Mapúa’s VP for marketing and admissions, explained that these undergraduate programs greatly benefit students and growth sectors.

“There are many reasons why these programs are popular among students, but it’s apt to mention that it’s mostly because their respective fields are high-income industries. But aside from this, the duties performed in engineering, technology, and digital media seem to resonate with the values of Gen Zs, including their passion to act on global issues and provide efficient solutions. They get things done, and they utilize their purpose-drivenness to fulfill their aspirations,” said Hernaez.

The first program to top the list is Energy Engineering. Mapúa’s BS Energy Engineering program rigorously educates students on sustainable practices and technologies. This four-year course enables students to become experts in tapping and maximizing renewable energy sources, promoting efficient energy storage, and applying smart power distribution systems.

BS Data Science is another trendy program offered by the University. The rapid digitalization of industries and global economies has underscored the need for more Filipino data science professionals. Through Mapúa’s comprehensive curriculum, aspiring data scientists are trained to become highly competent in valuating complex datasets, extracting insights through data analysis, programming, machine learning, building and using predictive models, and transforming information into actionable data for impactful decision-making.

Learners who are aiming to make a mark in the creative industry should enroll in Mapúa’s BA Multimedia Arts.  This program enhances students’ innate artistic skills, allowing them to effectively apply them in interactive media and design. They are also taught how to conceptualize captivating content, building them to become the future multimedia designers who can lead the creative industry.

Although these programs are presently highly sought-after, Hernaez cautions that not all college degrees are created equal. Some curricula, particularly those offered by Mapúa, have been meticulously designed to ensure that they are at par with global standards, are industry-relevant and experiential, and have an outcomes-based approach. These specially designed curricula and teaching methodologies enable students to attain their full potential and secure lifelong, future-ready skills.

However, to truly thrive in these three popular fields, students must master their chosen specialization and remain zealous in learning and practicing critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Mapúans who successfully complete the programs stand to be welcomed by a booming job market. Hernaez explained that frontline workers in the said fields push for the progress of global sustainability, digital media advancements, and technological innovations, strengthening the programs’ high demand. Additionally, their educational background as graduates of the country’s premier engineering and technological school will serve as a springboard for building successful careers.

“In the coming years, the demand for energy engineering, technology, and digital media professionals will be highly felt, and looking back, they will be glad to have studied at a top engineering and technological university,” she added.

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