Tomorrow Starts Today: PhilPlans Unveils New Slogan as part of company rebrand

PhilPlans, a leader in pre-need services in the Philippines, is set to redefine the future with its revamped brand and a powerful mantra—’Tomorrow Starts Today.’


This reaffirms the company’s commitment as the nation’s trusted partner in securing a prosperous tomorrow for all. Recognizing the dynamic aspirations of modern Filipinos, PhilPlans is also embracing digitalization, championing proactive planning, and stepping into a future where tomorrow starts immediately.

“We are not just selling pre-need plans,” declares PhilPlans Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Ronald S. Bautista. “We are partners in planning for a secure and peaceful tomorrow. Our digital transformation, product innovation, and brand evolution are all fueled by this core purpose. We are excited to embark on this journey with our clients, hand-in-hand, as we build a future where tomorrow starts today.”

“Tomorrow Starts Today” is a further refinement of PhilPlans’ previous slogan “Think Ahead” that has served the brand for many years. The new mantra is also an invitation to the public to act for a better tomorrow without delay. 

“We’ve been empowering Filipinos to write their own tomorrows for 35 years, and now, with this new slogan as our guide, we’re ready to step further, hand-in-hand.” Bautista notes.

“Tomorrow Starts Today” will become PhilPlans’ official slogan starting January 27th.

PhilPlans’ rebrand ushers in a seamless digital ecosystem, empowering clients with a customer portal launching this second quarter. Imagine real-time plan management, convenient updates, and a level of control that meets the expectations of the digital-savvy consumer. 

But PhilPlans understands that digital tools are just the beginning. Tomorrow’s security is built on today’s choices. That’s why the brand is constantly innovating, crafting new products tailored to your evolving needs. Whether it’s securing a loved one’s future or ensuring that children’s dreams take flight, PhilPlans is evolving alongside its clients.

Reflecting this dynamic growth, PhilPlans presents a refreshed brand identity. The iconic logo remains, but now exudes a renewed sense of dynamism and forward-thinking, mirroring the brand’s commitment to a proactive future.

PhilPlans’ rebrand is more than just aesthetics. It’s a declaration because PhilPlans is not just a pre-need company; but a partner in building a secure and comfortable tomorrow, starting today.

Join the movement. Start planning. Because with PhilPlans, Tomorrow Starts Today.