The Different Types of Diapers for Babies

The first diapers for babies to be used were cloth diapers. Disposable diapers, as we know them today, started to take shape in the 19th century. The cloth diapers were made with cotton material, held in place with a fastening and then a safety pin. There are basic types of diapers that are applicable to both newborn and toddler variants. While there are numerous similarities, this article solely applies to those newborns and infants aged up to 6 months old. Diapers can differ based on its capacity to absorb urine level, and there are cloth and disposable options.

Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are made of bleached or unbleached cotton fibers and yet are reusable. One of the primary reasons parents may select cloth diapers over disposable diapers is because of an environmental concern. However, the main motivation for parents to choose disposable over cloth is because disposables do not need to be washed. There are two options when using cloth diapers. You have the option of using a nappy service or managing the task yourself. A service will supply fresh diapers of your choice and collect worn ones on a regular basis. Of course, this is a more expensive choice than hand washing. To determine the sort of cloth diaper you like, you must first become knowledgeable about the numerous types available. Begin by checking into the all-in-one version, then go on to the other alternatives.

Disposable diapers

MAKUKU Slim and Comfort series disposable diapers feature a 4th generation super-absorbent polymer core or an absorbent gelling component in the core that draws moisture away from the skin. SAP core in fact, helps prevent diaper rash when changed on a frequent basis and is effective to use overnight. It is evident that changing diapers is not just a task. It could be unpleasant and frequently messy. Disposable diapers assist parents to reduce the stress and effort of changing their newborns by making the procedure as short as possible.

Which diaper is best for babies?

But, with so many diaper types available nowadays, some parents may be misled as to which is the best baby diaper to choose – pants diaper or tape diaper.

Tape disposable diapers are easier to use for babies who are not yet particularly active, primarily nursing and napping, since they are unable to sit or stand. It is advisable to put on the diaper while the baby is resting on its back and raising the bottom of the baby. Tape diapers are more affordable than pants diapers in the market. Because during this age, especially during the first month, it is suitable for newborns up to 6 months old. Recommended for newborns with uncut umbilical cords since parents may easily reposition the tape under the baby’s navel as needed. Parents may be certain that their child’s navel area is adequately protected from friction. Diapers for newborns are also made with a soft touch surface that is excellent for the baby’s sensitive skin, as well as a curved waistband design.

At 6 months, a baby typically begins to be active or turns over onto their tummy. Because of this, it is challenging to turn them over and put adhesive diapers on them. As a result, at this age, putting on and removing pant diapers is easier and more convenient to use. Pant diapers are comfortable and usually made with flexible elastic band around the waist and across the legs. As more than just an outcome, they are an excellent fit for a baby’s body. There is no need for a tape strip, so parents don’t have to worry about their kids detaching the tape during their movement. Pant diapers let the toddler move freely, eager to learn new things. There is no reason to worry about leaking.

Therefore, they should always consider the baby’s comfort and ensure that their baby is delighted all day long. Choosing the right diaper will undoubtedly affect the baby’s comfort and active movement.

MAKUKU is the first baby diaper in the Philippines to feature SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer core construction, putting first your kid’s comfort, health, and active lifestyle. MAKUKU diapers give the greatest quality in addressing their kids’ diaper demands while also being convenient for all parents. Disposable diapers are intended to be thrown. For most parents, this is their main selling point instead of cleaning and washing cloth diapers or checking frequently when to change their diaper. The MAKUKU Slim series features a disposal tape that will help you to dump used diapers in a hygienic manner. Also, there’s an added feature of  Smart Urine Indicator that enables you to monitor accurately when it’s time to change their diaper. The MAKUKU Slim Series urine indicator is yellow which turns blue when the diaper is full. Diapers are one basic item that every new parent needs fully stocked. At the end of the day, they are the only thing standing between your baby’s bottom and a huge mess.

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