The Biggest TikTok Dance Challenge #TideProtectodor is here: Here’s how to join

It’s time for moms and members of working communities to show off their dance moves for a chance to win P50,000

Are you ready to take on this year’s newest online trend?

A year after Tide Perfect Clean’s #FlexYoKCK craze swept across social media that had Pinoys flexing their perfect white Kwelyo, Cuffs and Kilikili, Tide returns with an even bigger and more rewarding dance challenge.

From the powerful detergent and its NEW variant Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense comes #TideProtectodor! Launched in partnership with J&T express, the campaign will surely have moms and members of working communities grooving with how the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense removes microdirt and protects against malodor. The best part? Those behind the top ten Tiktok videos of the challenge will get to be part of the exciting #TideProtectodor online event, while one lucky winner will take home a cash prize of P50,000.

The NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense cleans what others simply can’t. It goes after deeply-seated microdirt that seeps into your clothes over time, which can also cause bad smell or malodor. With the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense, microdirt and malodor are not only eliminated but you also stay protected from them. Your clothes stay amoy freshly clean so you can feel confident all day.

Everyone is already taking on the #TideProtectodor challenge thanks to the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense’s much-valued multiple cleaning and protective actions. Entries are coming from different working communities who are exposed to microdirt and prone to malodor, from celebrities to everyday people.

TV and social media star Luis Manzano has already joined in on the fun with his entry. He leads the way by showing off #TideProtectodor challenge’s moves, busting out the bouncing, gliding and arm-waving of someone protected from pawis, usok, at odor with the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense.

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Meanwhile, vlogger Junnie Boy Velasquez demonstrated to everyone how it’s done with his highly-energetic post with the caption, “Ganito kasi yan, pre! Tide Odor Defense lang talaga ang numbawan dahil tanggal maolodor na, protekatado ka pa sa malodor! ANG GALIIIINNNGG!!”

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Even dancing security guard Gene Fernandez, who captured the hearts of netizens with his joyful dancing while in uniform, made sure he won’t miss out on the craze. “Ganito and energy ng amoy freshly-cleaned buong araw dahil sa Tide Odor Defense,” his caption reads.

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As someone who’s always on the road, delivery rider Rhic Maniego knows a thing or two about exposure to microdirt. He joined the #TideProtecodor challenge and invited everyone to take part for the chance to win the cash prize. Teacher Christian Mae did the same with her entry, emphasizing that anyone is prone to malodor and that the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense protects us against it.

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The NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense’s #TideProtecodor challenge is open to all moms and members of the working community, such as security guards, sales ladies, vendors, and teachers, among others. To join for the chance to win P50,000, simply upload a video of your own take on the #TideProtecodor dance using the campaign hashtag, jingle, and branded effect. Make sure to wear your uniform to represent your job, if applicable.

Entries will be judged based on creativity, entertainment, virality, and compliance. The contest runs from August 12 to 19, 2022. See the full mechanics of the challenge on

What are you waiting for? Show everybody your dance moves now and win P50,000 while you’re at it with the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense’s #TideProtecodor challenge.